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HOW TO DEAL WITH IRELIA MID! – Climb to Master | League of Legends


Today we’re enjoying Vladimir Mid Vs Irelia – I feel Vlad is a good reply to her as he can keep away from rather a lot of her harm / stuns. League of legends Vladimir Mid Gameplay.

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  1. Hey Huzz.
    It's a bit late, but I'm giving it a go.
    It's difficult to name my favourite counter pick. Depends on the role I'm playing in that particular game, cause I like it to be allround. There is alot I can't counter just yet, but I actually like to pick Morg into a hooking champ, or even Zoe, when playing support. Teemo vs a garen. I know you really hate this but used to pick up Zoe vs Katarina alot a couple patches ago. Most kat players in low elo think they are amazing vs a zoe witrh their mobility, but they are so predicable in bronze/silver elo: They will always go to their daggers in the backline, so that's easily punishable with a well-timed bubble. And they just keep falling for it xD. Same goes for the low elo yas players who think they are god. Feels so good to punish their constant kill-greed in their sleepy state after bubbling them 🙂

  2. Hey Huzz! Probably my favorite counter is picking Urgot into Tryndamere. They get so mad when I ult them during theirs and pull them in after the invulnerability wears off. XD

  3. my favorite counter pick is picking vi into graves. (I build warrior then ghostblade then tri and build tanking after that) so I out dmg him early and survive him and usually out dmg him anyway late.

  4. I don't know if this is really a counter pick, but I always love picking Karthus into Heimerdinger to counter the massive pushing power of the dong. I can really hold my own well and it provides me with a much smoother laning phase where I can mostly focus on my farm and play for late game hyper carrry.

  5. i like picking Jayce into teemo, because i can still farm oke against him and i can pretty much oneshot him with a few items if i play it right

  6. As I'm usually playing adc I don't really focus on counters that much. On top lane I pick garen if I'm against a Riven or something that likes to spam just to counter them with Q. In Jungle I try to avoid countering my self, for example not picking kindred into Lee or something similar that cant push me out of the ult, not picking Vi into morgana as her black shield is annoying.

  7. I always enjoy playing Galio into assassins. You only die in lane if you totally messup and if they get frustrated and roam then you just ulti right after them and stop them in their tracks 🙂

  8. My favourite counter is Poppy in top lane, simply because of her W. It's one of the most satisfying mechanics, if you are against an Irelia, Jax, Aatrox, Riven, etc., even Yasuo with his E, and you can stop their dashes at your will.

  9. My favorite counter is Xerath into Yasuo. Granted it seems bad but the only ability he can stop is the stun. The Q goes through the windwall and the W comes from above. Put the w over your own minnos to stop his E shenanigans and when he e's you you can stun him since he has a direct path. Also don't really want the RP just trying to promote my boy Xerath lol. If you do read this, how would you feel about a pre- Ascension Xerath skin? And if you talk to your connections at riot can they finally make a purple Xerath skin maybe something like dark star Xerath. (Or at least a chroma)

  10. My favourite counter is picking Taric when they pick Leona or Blitz, since they certainly dont want to grab me ( i usually play squishy supports who struggle against those champs )

  11. Since you have been playing Poppy recently I really like picking up Poppy (or Renekton) when the enemy team picks Riven, as Riven players are usually one-trickers and with both Poppy or Renekton you can tilt them pretty easy to make them useless for the entire game.

  12. Since I'm an adc main there aren't many just outright counters, but something I like to play as a soft counter is Ezreal into Draven. You get relatively free q's on the Draven, and even if my support is not doing so well, I can more or less self peal vs him so I don't feed him extra kills.

  13. My favorite counters in League are
    a) Vlad into Kat. She can jump on top of you and start spinning, but W ignores it.
    b)Leona into hook champions. This is always fun because I WANT TO GET HOOKED because it puts me closer to your carry to land my CC while my ADC (hopefully) does dmg

  14. For a while my favorite counter for Yasuo mid was Zyra. I'm only in gold but for a long time Zyra was a good counter for me to use, as it was the only champ I was able to successfully use against yasuo specifically. Then I tried Malzahar and that became my main counter to Yasuo.

  15. I think my favourite pick is morgana against lulu, being able to prevent a polymorph or the knock up on her ult i think provides a great counter pick and takes a lot away from lulu's kit

  16. For me, my favorite counter is Yorick into Dr. Mundo. I've played against so many Mundos that get ult and try to go all in against Yorick and it just doesn't work. Yorick Maiden just deals too much damage for Mundo to sustain, and he just gets steamroled

  17. Everytime the enemy midlaner picks Zoe, I go straight to Lux. Pre 6, you just got to farm it up, be aware of your positioning. Post 6, at some point she will try to kill you more with her ult, just throw your spells to where she came from. Even if you got hit by the sleep, you'll nuke her before you fall asleep. And lux has more impact in teamfights anyway, I rarely lose vs a Zoe mid. I'm Plat V, so not the highest rating, maybe this is why this even works.

    (it would be cool if riot implementen something extra in the statistics where you can see what matchups you often lose and which ones you win a lot. makes you more aware of counters)

  18. Well I hate to play against Yasuo's midlane so I often pick Malzahar as counter to just be able to lock Yasuo down with Malz R and enable my team to finish him off or I go tanky with Galio and try to deny him this way from getting a lot of kills and protecting my team at the same time.

  19. If I'm mid lane I love countering yasuo with annie. I at least find it really easy to proc his shield with aa and then wear him down with q + w… If he is aggro that means I usually get first blood lvl 1 as well. Love ur vids!

  20. My favorite counter is FULL tank velkoz against a Talon. He still does tons of damage but takes none (velkoz) so talon just get completely countered. I’m G3 idk if it works in other elo.

    (If you’re PMing on YouTube I probs won’t look so if I happen to be picked reroll)

  21. As a lower rank support player i really like morgana against hook champions as morgana's sheild can save adc's that tent to get hooked all the time. So i really think that she counters champs like pyke blitz thresh and even lux that can hurt low tier players. Btw great work Huzzy keep it up. You owe us a second video after your vacation. 😀

  22. Whenever i get midlane against a morgana I play sona, she's a really good counter since she has great sustain and good damage with the range of her q. Then, mid to late I litteraly delete her from the game due to my huge damage and stun! Btw huzz theres nothing to feel bad about its okay! <3

  23. Hey Huzzy, really don't mind we didn't get a part two. Think it's amazing how dedicated you are and two videos a day is plenty for me! I know you know this but you don't owe us anything – but also think it's super awesome how much you consider your viewers! Cheers and have a good holiday!

  24. In a jungle main and I am all about counters. I choose what fits well with my comp but at the same time helps me counter their comp. If anyone chooses a huge tank or brusier such as darius, mundo, yorick, braum, alister, etc. I instantly choose Kayn (Rhaast) and for runes i run conqueror. He is such a good tank killer and is really fun to play. Love the videos/content you put out Huzzy, I hope you have a great holiday!

  25. My favourite counter pick is Pyke, against all low mobility ad carries!! Because if you land your hooks properly, and get ahead, that's a free won lane!! I main pyke, so i know if i get my hands on pyke i can perform!! Always ward the enemy jungle so you know where he is almost all the time, and you just can't lose!! His W gives him a lot of roam pressure, so what i usually do is gank mid so i can also get my mid laner ahead!! I love pyke, and trust me, you can carry games with pyke if you know how to use him properly!! #Huzzyarmy

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