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HOW TO CARRY WITH SETT SUPPORT? – Climb to Master Season 10 | League of Legends


Hey guys! Today we’re enjoying Sett Support! He’s really a bit loopy within the position and you are able to do quite a bit to carry the lane part! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Sett Support (*10*).

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HOW TO CARRY WITH SETT SUPPORT? – Climb to Master Season 10 | League of Legends

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  1. Hi, I'm seeking an advice from a pro like you ; i'm a sett main, i usually or always play him AD/HP sett support, I'm doing this bc i don't trust my teammates, so i can split push freely and can 1v1 in case of emergency is it wrong to do so?
    I know that this build costs a lot like BC, TH, sterak……. But better then a walking meat with no damage.

  2. I can kinda see why Jax bought what he bought, i think he just bought items that are good against the individuel opponents not the whole team. For example he bought wit's end thinking "oh thats good vs diana" and "oh now i buy thornmail cause they have also ad champs". Something like that i assume.

  3. 26:13 ya, considering jax gets tankier the more ad/ap you build on him, also, with all that attack speed they built, they might legitimately be overcapping attack speed thx to jax passive.

  4. It kind of looked like the Lissandra was use to playing like an assassin. And was trying to use a more diverse champ pool. And was just failing at it. Or Liss is just not for her.

  5. "What's their answer to that?"
    You ban Sett until Riot remove his stun, until then he just outclasses all other engage supports.

  6. I believe if he sometime in time go for specialization as a support player maybe he could reach proplayer lvl cause of his iq and mindset in overall

  7. I want you too know we watch you for you, not league not cod I’m here and many are here just for you! Enjoy your vacation and see you Monday

  8. Hey Huzz. Been religiously waiting for your daily uploads since 2018. 😀
    Your second channel COD uploads are as much fun as LoL. More strength to you!

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