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HOW TO BEAT SETT? SHEN! – Season 10 Climb to Master | League of Legends


Today I play my first recreation Vs a Sett and I assumed for some time that Shen could also be efficient Vs him, let’s discover out if he’s! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Shen Top Gameplay.

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HOW TO BEAT SETT? SHEN! – Season 10 Climb to Master | League of Legends

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  1. Sett apparently does ok into ranged matchups because of his Passive regen and his W. That alone can give him enough trading potential to not get snowballed on. Not much melee damage he can do into a Ryze or a Kennen, though. Karma top would eat him alive as well.

  2. Kayle and morde both do very well into Sett for different reasons. Sett can't really trade well against Morde and Kayle can just kite him for days even before level 6. He can be really hard for Kayle to kill later though due to his sustain. Sett ultimately plays very different from Darius in lane. Darius wants to all in you at more or less every opportunity, forcing kills to snowball and acquire a farm lead. Sett wants to outlane you with his sustain and trading windows to get a farm lead which he uses to all in you.

  3. I just see 2 people complain about champ variety and 10+ saying stop complaining haha. I agree tho, just do what youve to do Huzz, every upload is a lesson for me.

  4. I think sett does have too much damage with his w.
    Riot should make it a bit weaker, shield and damage wise, and he‘ll be fine. But currently he‘s overpowered imo.

  5. Game starts
    Huzzy “ Assume the ranked position.” Huzzy as Shen Taunts Sett
    Bend over spread Em Sett “WhATTT !”
    You are under arrest for being an idiot. Start over………Set dies.
    Huzzy” Yah free cloth armor.”

  6. @HuzzyGames I think you'd win trades alot more if you taunt through sett when he uses his shield blast to do the true damage then you can just "Q" through him and get the bonus attack speed and its most likely gg

  7. So far I've had a lot of succes with Renekton into Sett because you can just prep your empowered W to deny his shield.
    Also play what you want to climb Huzz, the people complaining will be watching anyways.

  8. Sett is so fun to play and play against, he makes you actually not auto-pilot because in the trade he will W and prolly win the trade. I beat a Sett using Garen but I'm a Bronze rating player so… I don't think that means much xD

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