How to Beat Android 19 in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot


Dr. Gero’s nineteenth creation is named Android 19 and Gero is the one that has a private vendetta towards Goku and these androids are meant to kill Goku. In this information, we are going to present you ways to Beat Android 19 in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

How to Beat Android 19 in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

You will struggle Android 19 twice, the primary time you can be combating as Goku and the second time you can be combating as Vegeta.

Android 19 will likely be utilizing the identical talents in each the boss fights however will probably be clearly noticeable that he has gotten stronger the second time. Here are some ideas for beating him:

You can simply counter his headbutt by transferring to the facet and when he closes in performing a headbutt, you carry out melee strikes and assault him to trigger harm.

Boss Fight Tips for Absorption Duration

While he’s absorbing, for those who throw ki blasts on him, he’ll take in them and get better his well being and that may be very dangerous for you. So, when he’s absorbing, you want to get shut to him and perform melee attacks and that can enable you to win.

Use a mix of ranged and melee assaults on Android 19 in DBZ Kakarot throughout this struggle. First, do some fundamental melee assaults after which use ranged assaults like Galick gun or Kamehameha in your opponent.

Now we are going to speak about Android 19’s talents and how one can save yourselves from them.

Spiky Headbutt
If this hit is landed it might trigger a whole lot of harm. You can see it coming when 19 fees up and after that he’ll carry out a winding assault in direction of you. You ought to all the time bear in mind to dodge it.

Energy Absorption
When you see 19 surrounded by a glowing purple aura. It signifies that Android 19 will now take in all ki blasts and convert them into his well being.

Eye Beam
Another one in every of Android 19’s assaults is that he’s ready to fireplace a purple beam proper in entrance of him. It has a quick warning so bear in mind to dodge it.

These are the ideas for beating Android 19 in DBZ Kakarot. If we missed something, tell us.

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