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Horizon Zero Dawn 2: Forbidden West – Reveal Trailer | PS5 Reveal Event


The next chapter in Aloy’s adventure is coming to the Playstation 5 in Horizon 2: Forbidden West.

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  1. 水中の自由度とか操作感が気になるなぁ

  2. Je suis tombé amoureuse de ce jeu, et si c'est une putain de vraie bande annonce, j'espère sincèrement que le jeu sortira aussi sur PS4… PUTAIN DE MERDE C'EST DE L'OUEST INTERDIS DONT ON PARLE T^T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I probly will be cursed out for this but I've had this game for a few weeks and I haven't even started it yet.🤫

  4. Oh wait wait aloy coming back omg can’t wait this is literally the best game hands down please make it soon cant wait I know it’s ps5 .

  5. I didn't complete HZD 1 and Frozen Wilds, NOW THIS TOO! I didn't think it will come HZD 2: Forbidden West, but it's come! 😍😆 Better than the best!🤩

    But, why we can't play HZD 2 on a PS4?????!🤔🤨





  7. This not called horizon zero dawn 2 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. I hope PS5 will be compatible with PS4… it will be fun to be able play both parts one by one.

  9. Literally watching this for the 5th time and I'm still too excited to sit in a chair

  10. It's not "Horizon Zero Dawn 2". It's "Horizon 2: Forbidden West". The first "Horizon" game was "Zero Dawn" and the second is "Frobidden West".

  11. Itll pretty get old due to its old redundant game design too soon, unless it was a linear game. Horizon 2nd installment was more explorations more adventure

  12. Far cry 3 brings new engine, far cry 4 runs the same but I find it richier and more fun
    I hope Horizon will be same, richier, more opportunites how to solve quest and more fun, as the first horizon I didn't find so much fun

  13. Ah so Hannibal going through the mountains with his elephants 4000 years later

  14. Well crap, was gonna go on a nice trip this next year, looks like I’ll be using that money for a PS5 and HFW.

  15. I have watched this trailer 50 times by now maybe. Honestly is one of the things that keeps me going during this lockdown hahaha

  16. The first game was an amazing masterpiece… the second.. I’m gonna be deceased lol

  17. Hope they will have bosses that had that music playing like the fireclaw did in the frozen wilds

  18. It's not "Horizon Zero Dawn 2: Forbidden West"
    it's Horizon 2: Forbidden West

    The first game was "Horizon: Zero Dawn"…

  19. She atacc
    She protecc

    But most importantly
    She'd be bringing the world bacc

  20. The trailer was all CG no gameplay. The sequel will be 30fps at 4k. Not good enough. The PS5 is a competitor to the One X.

  21. I think exclusives are stupid as fuck, I can't play this unless I buy a ps5…

  22. oMg yEeeeE I have been waiting for sOOoO long for this moment to come 🥺😂 WAAAAAAAAA I WANT TO PLAY IT RN SO BADLYYYYYYYYY eP 1 wAs alReAdY awEsoMeeeE
    Wait do I still have da op armor in Aliy so 2? (If ye then that would be great :>)

  23. When i was watching the PS5 livestream and heard Aloys voice and i literally started fangirling and screaming into my microphone.

  24. They're right. The graphics doesn't look all that upgraded. But maybe the video doesn't do it justice.

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