Ho-oh in Pokémon GO: counters, weaknesses and list of movements


The phoenix metro famous back to the Pokémon GO.

Ho-oh, Pokémon, Rainbow, went back to the Pokémon GO.

This famous Pokémon and the guardian of the paradises originates from the area of Johto, where, alongside Lugia, component of the Duo of the Towers.

As all of the famous Pokémon of Pokémon Go, Ho-oh is readily available in the raids of 5 star, so if you intend to include the famous Pokémon of the Gen 2 to your Pokédex, you require to head to the closest health club.

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Counters and weaknesses to Ho-oh in Pokémon GO

Here are the counters and powerlessness of Ho-oh in Pokémon MOST LIKELY TO assist you beat him:

  • Type Ho-oh: Fire and flying
  • Ho-oh is weak versus: Electric, rock and water
  • Counters Ho-oh: Golem, Omaster, Gyarados Tyranitar, Regirock, Rhyperior, Electivire and Melmetal
  • Other information of Ho-oh: it Is an excellent concept to concentrate on making use of Pokémon solid rock-type in area of usage of water kind. Just alter the rock-type if you’re required to do so.


The COMPUTER Ho-oh in Pokémon GO

Ho-oh ought to have the adhering to arrays of COMPUTER:

  • COMPUTER manager raid – 50,064 COMPUTER
  • COMPUTER regular by capture Ho-oh – 2,207 COMPUTER
  • Boost COMPUTER climate (gusty or bright) to catch Ho-oh – 2,759 COMPUTER

List of relocations of Ho-oh in Pokémon GO

Ho-oh can utilize a number of fast relocations and packed, consisting of


Potential quick movements:

  • Paranormal (Psychic)
  • Hidden power (Normal)
  • Wing of steel (Steel)

Possible movements packed:

  • Brave bird (Flying)
  • Flare (Fire)
  • Solar beam of light (Ground)

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All that we understand of Ho-oh

Ho-oh initially shows up in pokémon Gold and Silver. Next to Lugia, Ho-oh is one of the initial famous Pokémon to be utilized as a pet dog in a major video game of Pokémon, showing up in package of Pokémon Gold.

Ho-oh is additionally one of the famous Pokémon that come from this generation, and that can be caught in all the video games of the primary line. Can be located on top of the Tower Bell in Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal.


This famous Pokémon has a comparable light with a phoenix az, and this motivation involves the very own folklore of Ho-oh as component of the Duo of the Towers.

It is thought that Ho-oh has actually been born-again a number of times from its very own ashes and that, after the devastation of the Tower Burned, Ho-oh utilized its powers to produce monsters famous, Entei, Raikou and Suicune.

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