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HELLO NEW IRELIA – Unranked to Diamond – Ep. 81 | League of Legends


Today we’re enjoying the New Irelia! She simply obtained reworked and in my first official match of her I’m in opposition to the satan. League of Legends Irelia Rework Gameplay.

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  1. can't even figure out how to use her stun,says he figured out how the marks work then proves he doesn't makes constant mistakes saying "she's new there for i will mess up" there are bronze 5 players who figured out how she worked within their first game and he is somehow in platinum…no wonder this game is dying.

  2. "You vs. a 4v5 you start to get loose, you start to relax…" he says just as he dives 70%+ HP teemo under nexus towers and missing stun completely. xD Love ya huzz, commentary never fails to entertain or "educate" on the do's and donts 😉

  3. 1: that was the best intro I've seen on a league video. 2: would totally kill the draven, not just because this is ranked, but because I think that someone who goes afk for 1 death then returning later doesn't deserve any pity or sympathy.

  4. Edit: Welcome to Huzzy is very inconsistent in using marks in the right way
    9:55 you could have killed him and lived if you q'ed him when you e'ed him, you just kinda wasted a mark on him by ulting.
    but i get it's your first time on the new Irelia 😀

  5. your first death made me cringe so hard I stoped watching the video xdyou should have Q'd to the minion and then to teemo for one second you didn't proc your E before your ult basically using one Q.. xd

  6. “Whenever you see a teemo die, it makes the world a little bit of a better place” literally my exact thoughts on teemo😂

  7. Huzzy if you feel like you need a break. Please do take it, don't overload yourself. This entire video you've been verry out of charecter. Take care huzz.

  8. How the new Irelia works with the marks is that if the target you Q has a mark, the Q resets. It’s not hitting marking then while Q is on cooldown that resets it, it’s using Q on a marked target.

    So, if you, say, land your E on a bunch of enemies, you can Q around to all of them, then ult through them and Q back through them all again.

  9. I've played Irelia vs two yasuo tops, one with ignite one without. She is incredible. Max W and tank his ult with no items haha. Irelia isn't OP numbers wise, her kit is just so versatile. She has so much room to outplay safely. She feels a lot like how warwick's retune made him extremely efficient in engagements with few items.

  10. It's probably only me but I'm not a big fan of the twitch games. Sort of waters down the commentary and seems to distract you a lil bit now and again. Still watched it and gave it a like. Thumbs up.

  11. Huzzy double tapping ur e will cast 2 blades, so u should try to only tap it the second time if ur putting the second dagger down, if u have fast hands u can double tap and stun pretty easily

  12. Heya Huzzy. Spotted an area of improvement. At about 25 min when you are running away, as soon as you got ahead of Leona you should have ulted her so the disarm/slow "terrain" of your ult blocked teemo from catching up. Throw in some escape into the woods to hopefully gain distance with a Q on a monster. There may have been a chance you could have escaped this way.

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