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HAVING FUN ON DARIUS – Climb to Master | League of Legends


We’re again on the Main account! Today enjoying Darius Top, let me know you are excited for essential account content material to resume by throwing a like on the video!
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  1. This is essentially the first video of yours I watch for real (apart from your attempt to grind gemstones for Dreadnova Darius shortly before its release). I must say, your Darius is decent (me being a Darius main myself in Diamond) but you made your jungler being near way too obvious at just level 2. Either play a bit more passive until you hit three or possibly all-in whenever he overstepped.

  2. this guy dont have a clue how to play the Darius x_x !! but nice line comback ^^ thanks to his jungler 😉

  3. rumble's complaining because the visual change to his danger zone is bugged and so he doesn't get damage buffs at 80% heat

  4. Have good luck climbing to Master- I am more than far away from this ,because i´m a newbie 😀 Is there a position you can´t handle? Seems like you mostly play mid or top.

  5. Huzzy, your opinion on Glory in that situation (MS for chase, CDR, solid Mana addition)?

  6. If anyone doesnt understand why Rumble was toxic and moaned, its becasue he is playing Rumble, and Rumble flames. You cant tell a rumble to not flame

  7. Hey Huzz hope you are well. Just wanted to say this was an awesome vid, seeing you have so much fun was awesome. Thanks for the entertainment.

  8. Hey huzz, why doesnt your coupon work on the rival 310. I want to buy it and thought the extra day of shipping is worth the 7 euro and extra mousepad but it says it doesnt apply on this cart. Please reply. Btw this vid cracked me up

  9. how is it fair i go 16 and 1 and still lose the game because of team mates dragging me down
    literally i have just smashed my mouse …

  10. For that oneVayne play near the fountain you get, 2X for the Vayne for the Vayne going in by herself, 2X for her fighting them in the fountain, 4X for diving into 4 people, For a total of
    2x2x4=16 POINTS!

  11. One of the best episodes so far, not because of gameplay (you didn't smash), but because of the commentary.

  12. Huzzy would iceborn be good for darius to help out with his mana issues? Cool down reduction sheen and a slow as well as armor sounds really good for darius but I never see darius players get it.

  13. Would you ever take Ghost over TP? LS and a lot of Korean Darius mains suggest taking ghost instead of TP for lane pressure.

  14. Good game sad to see the rumble acting like that , i dont understand trashing the champ you play and maybe even main like makes no sense

  15. Does anyone remember the season 6 review video, where it recommended him darius and he said that he didn't understand why cuz he wont play him this season 🙂

  16. Hello, Huzzy, good game for not tilting. In situations like these on Darius, you may want to consider stormraider's surge over Fervor for escapability/pursuit. The AD stacks don't mean much and will fall off if you can't catch your opponent lol. Also, you should play Renekton a ton more as well. You seem to always perform well on that champ and seem to have fun with him.

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