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  1. Hi Huzz! I've been watching you for the last 3 years and i'm quite enjoying your videos. If i may, i think one of the reasons i'm feeling a bit disappointed/down lately after after watching your videos (and it's a recurrent feeling) is that even if you try not to care, your mood isn't in the game. Like you don't take any pleasure playing anymore. With your last (and only ;)) Yi video you lost but you were having fun. Today, the first was a "bitter" loss and the second a video about the loss. And now i'm like "Meh.. It sucks… I don't even .. yeah…". I think i might enjoy a lighter video more frequently (like your A to Z or Climbing to level 30 for next smurf or something not despressing xD) while i wait for the new climb to diamond next season. Anyway, big up and thank you for all the work you're doing that i've enjoyed thoroughly for while. (excuse this mixed up review for english isn't my mother language)

  2. I think ARAM is the best mode because it forces you to play different champions and learn them more in depth with varying kits. Not ideal for players new to the game across the board, but it doesn't stagnate. You don't get that one split push Riven/ Draven main for example going off and solo, feeding, or not accomplish anything.

  3. Yay I'm glad you liked my question 😀
    I knew you'd have a wise answer thanks to your degree.
    Didn't think at all about how the community evolves with the game. And I really didn't consider what designing the game from top-down view really means, makes a lot of sense.
    I also checked into the champion designers, and realized I'm apparently a fan of Meddler's designs.
    Thanks for your in-depth answer 🙂

  4. I think clickbait is interesting in that, sure, I'm probably more likely to click a video with all caps titles that promises some crazy content, but if I don't end up enjoying that video, I'm NOT going to keep watching that persons videos in the future regardless.

    Foxdrop is a perfect example, his titles can be extremely click-baity, BUT I absolutely love his videos. He has a lot of helpful advice and talks about his decision making, points out common mistakes, things a bronze scrub like me finds super helpful. And they're entertaining to boot.

    Other channels with click-bait titles I've just started ignoring completely because the likelihood of me enjoying the videos is small (Phylol is a good example, at least in my opinion.) Maybe it can be boiled down to click-bait gets new people interested, but quality content keeps them around. And since it's those new viewers that keep your channel growing, I understand why clickbait is so prevalent.

  5. huzzy, i thought that splitting was only good when teams have communication so that if they send 2 or 3 people to deal with you your team can get something from it. Would that not mean that it is pretty much never good in solo q not matter the rating?

  6. Watching this I feel I can finally climb out of silver 3 and possibly reach gold level. You are the key reason I continue to try and improve as a player, thanks for creating this kind of content! I know there are other ways to get more views and stuff on league videos but your style does make it much easier to learn imo.

  7. who do you think is up after urgot for a rework, i personally think its time lees original skin was updated a little when you put it next to xayah or another new champion it really looks out of place. what 5 champions would you like to see sorted and made meta again

  8. To be honest, as far as clickbait and flashy titles go, I find SRO's somewhat off-putting, even if they are not actual clickbait. I come to both channels to learn, and I really don't care about wacky builds at all.

  9. I gotta say, I don't agree with what you said at the beginning. even in higher ranks when people know what they're doing you can win a team fight by simply forcing it.
    if you just group 5 man mid and start poking and hoping for the best, yeah. you're going to die.
    but, if you go inside their jungle, force a fight near an objective, engage on the important targets and force bad positioning, even in high ranks a fight can be won.

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