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GROUP TO WIN? ANNIE! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends


Welcome back to Iron to Master! Today we’re playing some Annie, the game is a big of a fiesta and our win condition looks to be grouping, can we make it to that stage? Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Annie Mid Gameplay.

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GROUP TO WIN? ANNIE! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends

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  1. nami pinging huzzy for having a 2 level difference whilst also being 2 levels away from bard is the highlight of the video

  2. they would never increase it from 40% anti heals becuase then healing enchanter supports would become obsolete like nami and soraka or even yuumi….

  3. can someone tell me why huzz hates nami? i do think shes a pretty solid pick, like a high risk soraka

  4. am i the only one that realized huzzy is way more happier, and he actually enjoys his games, and commentary. love your vids man. keep up the amazing content.

  5. To control heal make Gravious Wounds stackable means 40% – 64% -78,4% – 87,04%…. after 5 Stacks you only get around 8% of your heal.

  6. 16:22 well.. Riot said the way the nerf champs nowadays is they overperform in some area or league (I think it's low elo, mid elo, high elo and elit lvl of play) so the ekko is definitely busted just from the high elo part. They are just ignoring them, because they are skin sellers to another dimension is my opinion.

    Remember the way they buff thing is they need to underperform in every single elo group, and NOT the way the nerf things

  7. dragon ball super…no wonder your my favorite youtuber haha ps i recommend dragon ball kai before super but 110% super

  8. Hi Huzzy! I love your content and have been supporting your channel since season 7. Your commitment to pumping out 2 videos a day daily is truly awesome, and it’s inspiring to see someone so dedicated to their craft. However, I would like to see a little less mentions of how “broken” Ekko, Sylas, Kass, etc. are in your VODs. I get that everyone has champions that will always seem unbalanced to them, but this has gone on since patch 10.7. It’s totally ok to voice your opinions in your videos, that’s totally not the problem here. While I don’t entirely disagree with you (Kassadin is way too safe in lane for the devastation he sows late game), I would appreciate it if the vids could be a little more centered on commentary about your macro play (in my opinion, one of your strongest points as a player) rather than the state of balancing. Your opinions are valuable to the community, and we all appreciate both them and you 🙂

  9. Anti-healing items should nullify healing. Not reduce how much you get just not let you heal till the effect fades away.

  10. Is Pengu like the CEO of a big oil company or something? That human is loaded with money!

    Which is going to a worthy streamer/YT content creator imo.

  11. 35:50 pretty sure he had the split push lethality item as his first item, which he sold for bruiser items i guess

  12. Here am I in a defence of basic champions.
    Champions like Annie, Garen, Renekton etc. forces you to focuse more on macro than flashy plays. So they are great to climb in lower ranks because consistance gamplay basically always beats "flashy outplays"

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