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Grand Theft Auto 5 – Enhanced Edition Trailer | PS5 Reveal Event


GTA5 is coming to PlayStation 5 with a slew of new features, as well as exclusive perks for PS5 owners.

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  1. I would be more excited to see GTA 4 come back to next-gen consoles. Imagine that game in graphics like GTA 5

  2. Will there actually be people that buy it on the ps3, ps4 and then on the ps5? Like…?

  3. The clear solution to all of this is to buy GTA on the PC, no need to buy it on different ports

  4. Everyone disliked this video! I put mein we'll see how many dislikes can we afforge. Who's with me?

  5. A 7 year old game with a graphical update for a modern console touted to be really graphical. Come on guys.

  6. The GTA online playerbase is why this is happening, people who by shark cards are why this is happening, and same goes for the inflated prices of the online content. This is also the reason why going into RDR2 the cost of online content was astronomical. Stop giving R* your money so we can get another GTA game, please. If you keep giving them money then of course they're gonna move forward with new versions of the same game, why wouldn't they? You're giving them no incentive not to.

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