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GNAR JUNGLE IS HERE! IS IT ANY GOOD? – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends


So the brand new patch is right here and that brings quite a bit of Jungle choices, I used to be most taken with Jungle Gnar so right here it’s! My first sport of Gnar shortly and in his new place! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Gnar Jungle Gameplay.

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GNAR JUNGLE IS HERE! IS IT ANY GOOD? – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends

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  1. Gnar and some of the others seem like they'd be fine in Jungle, but what was the logic behind making Talon and Zed Jungle viable champions? Not sure if they just aren't played as much in higher levels, but they seem to be fine in Mid lane where they have early game kill pressure.

  2. Still standing to my point regarding the "new junglers" – they stand out too much and feel like they dont belong.
    Darius "walking champ" that just runs to enemies ; Talon/Zed/Garen – no cc ; Gnar – can only gank at lvl 6 / lacks cc

    I get the idea that riot is going for but really dont like the way the are doing it. :/

  3. Don't know, Gnar seems very ult-reliant for ganks. And it's kind of awkward to coordinate Mega-Gnar with gank timings. The one thing he's got going for him is a fairly low cooldown on the ult.

    Good job in this game, though. Specially considering the lack of pressure from topside.

  4. Huzzy, been watching you since season 8. Been married since then. My wife doesnt watch you but knows I watch you daily. She (24 years old) just said she is highly invested in your weight loss and thinks you look great!

  5. bro u need to use ur e when ur about to transform to get more distance for ur ult and then flash. the e does a surprising amount of dmg when combod with the w. very good video otherwise 🙂

  6. Have not finished the vid yet, but I think you should have gone to your blue side jungle straight after the botlane gank (when zoe roamed). You returned to redside and I don't know, it feels as topside jg was unattended TOO much, therefore giving Evelyn free topside (but then again, maybe your thought process was that having a weak laner in top gave prio to Eve and was just expecting to be invaded, hence why you took your time to go back to your blueside jungle).

    I have a question, do you think talisman is his go-to starter item? I feel like, as Gnar you should not focus on multiple monster camps (maybe just wolves) and do a Red-Blue-Gromp clear as, if not mistaken is better on EXP, and maybe you receive less damage from camps.. I feel his AOE clear on first rotation would not be strong.

    I ask this because I main jungle and am curious about the "new" jungle champios. I tried Zed and it felt nice!

  7. Would you build cinder hulk on gnar? It seems good in theory because it scales off of extra/max (I don't know which) health and a lot of gnar's core items have a bunch of health.

  8. I swear the biggest tip hands down to climb is to just mute all. The other day I had a 6 game lost streak and it was because reading these people's idiotic comments tilted me so hard I didn't even think about the game while playing it. Muting all is so peaceful and makes the game so much easier.
    Side note: That Gnar skin is amazing. I feel like I haven't seen anyone use it surprisingly.

  9. Was waiting for this one, missed nearly the whole game while you streamed it. Gnar seems to be doing okay in the jungle, keep up the good work Huzz hope you´re recovering well from the Subathon 🙂

  10. Probably should've parhed to her blue after finding out she took yours also you could've thrown your q at wraith when you were pathing to blue to heal from talisman nonetheless its cool to see gnar in Jungle

  11. Im really not sure if its the normal gnar-build in the jungle. Maybe something with attackspeed would be nice since its already w-max – id give bloodrazor a try.

  12. Gnar's an awfully weak champ in mini, all of his buffs (disregarding the last one) were to mega, and I feel mini is kinda underpowered to be honest. Long cooldowns for mediocre damage.

  13. Played Gnar jungle a few times (in norms), feels decent if you can time ganks right before transforming. Blue smite plus Nimbus cloak and Celerity is really nice on him, Celerity boosts your W passive MS too. Not sure what the best keystone is yet, maybe Predator, Aftershock, or Fleet like here. Plus the new Cinderhulk buffs are good when you're Mega. Maxing W first definitely feels good and helps your burst with ganks, and yeah Gargoyle and GA feel like good later build options. Just my first thoughts, definitely will be trying it more.

  14. Had a power outage bcuz of the storm raging rn, perfect time. Finished watching teemo game and got notice for this 2 minutes b4 it ended. Perfection

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