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Genshin Impact – Trailer | gamescom 2020


The Free-to-Play JRPG Genshin Impact is nearing nearer and nearer to its launch on September 28. Check out the newest trailer that provides a little bit style of the brother/sister story on the coronary heart of the plot.

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  1. Nice clipping issues right there in our face! look at the left hand of the dead flying penguin… once seen, can never be unseen again!

  2. Oh look it's that game that looks ten times better than the overrated Zelda that's upsetting the Nintendo babies! Upvote from me. Btw Nintendo, this is what ACTUAL VOICE ACTING SOUNDS LIKE

  3. So the other one of the siblings who the player won't choose, will be on the side of the baddies, who might turn out to not be that baddies in the end?

    But if that's so…. WHY is that plot-twist in a trailer??

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