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Genshin Impact Guide – Elemental Attacks and How to Perform Elemental Combos


Mix and match totally different elemental talents for optimum injury.

Despite its look and gacha recreation programs, Genshin Impact has a reasonably deep fight system. There are seven predominant components – Anemo (Wind), Geo (Earth), Electro (Lightning), Dendro (Nature), Hydro (Water), Pyro (Fire) and Cryo (Frost). When enjoying via the preliminary story quests, you’ll have a celebration with Wind, Fire, Frost and Lightning components.

Elements inflicts distinctive standing results on their very own. Cryo will decelerate enemies; Hydro will make them moist; and Pyro will inflict slight burning damage-over-time. Electro can Electro-Charge enemies which are moist, particularly in the event that they’re in a physique of water – that is the primary main instance of mixing components for various results.

Executing an elemental combo is as simple as utilizing a personality’s distinctive potential and then switching to one other character and doing the identical. This will even apply to Ultimates and it’s potential to deal some loopy injury with combos. Here are all of the totally different elemental combos and their results.

  • Burning – Use Dendro and Pyro for shelling out Pyro injury over time.
  • Swirl – Cast an Anemo potential. Then use Cryo, Electro, Hydro or Pyro. This will create a robust assault that offers further elemental injury whereas additionally spreading forth. If you need to make a hearth twister, that is your greatest wager.
  • Electro-Charged – As famous above, solid Electro on a moist enemy or use a Hydro assault and then Electro. This will deal Electro injury over time.
  • Superconduct – Cast Cryo and then Electro to deal an space of impact Cryo assault. It will cut back an enemy’s protection by 50 %, ignoring their stage and buffs. Best used on a number of foes for the reason that variety of hits dished out will increase in flip. For occasion, one enemy will take a single hit from the combo. Two enemies will take two hits every whereas 5 enemies might be hit 5 instances every.
  • Vaporize – Use Pyro and Hydro collectively for extra injury.
  • Crystallize – If you begin with Geo and then use Cryo, Electro, Hydro and Pyro, a defend will type across the character. This offers absorption towards all injury. The factor mixed with Geo will affect the defend and soak up extra injury from assaults of the identical factor.
  • Overloaded – Use Electro and Pyro to create an space of impact Pyro assault.
  • Melt – Combines Cryo and Pyro for further injury. If Pyro triggers the combo, then injury dealt is doubled. If Cryo triggers the combo, then injury dealt is 1.5 instances extra.
  • Frozen – Cast Hydro and then Cryo to utterly freeze an enemy.

But that’s not all. If you select two characters with the identical factor, it’s potential to pull off some cool Elemental Resonance methods. These embrace:

  • Soothing Waters – Use two Hydro characters to improve therapeutic by 30 % and reduce down on the impact time of Pyro by 40 %.
  • Fervent Flames – When utilizing two characters with Pyro, you achieve Cryo resistance (which could be shook off in 40 % much less time) and 25 % elevated assault injury.
  • Impetuous Winds – Use two Anemo characters for 15 % decreased stamina depletion and 10 % elevated motion pace. Skill cooldowns are additionally diminished by 5 %.
  • Enduring Rock – When having two Geo characters, resistance to interruption is elevated. Having a defend will even improve assault injury by 15 %.
  • High Voltage – When utilizing two Electro characters, you’re affected by Hydro for 40 % much less time. Effects like Superconduct, Overloaded and Electo-Charged even have a one hundred pc likelihood of making an Electro Elemental Particle. This impact has a 5 second cooldown although.
  • Shattering Ice – By having two Cryo characters, you’re affected by Electro injury for 40 % much less time. Critical fee can also be elevated by 15 % towards enemies affected by Cryo (together with these frozen).
  • Protective Canopy – Grants 15 % elemental resistance when every character within the social gathering has a novel factor.

It’s additionally vital to know extra about Ley Line Disorders. These are particular elemental debuffs within the Spiral Abyss that may adversely have an effect on your social gathering. Using an Elemental Reaction on one’s self can present non permanent immunity to these results. The issues and their results are:

  • Engulfing Storm – Electro impact that repeatedly drains power.
  • Slowing Water – Increases ability cooldown time.
  • Smoldering Flames – Pyro impact that offers burn injury over time.
  • Condensed Ice – Causes elevated stamina consumption.

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