Gamestop Might Be Changing Its Pre-Order Refund Policy


The mega-chain of gaming retail stores is making a big change in coming days that being the inability to refund pre-ordered games before the game’s official release. In summary, Gamestop is about to change its pre-order refund policy by only allowing buyers to refund their games 30 days after the game’s release.

We have also empowered our stores with the extra capability of doing what is right for the customer.

Be sure you do issue a loud complaint if you’re not supportive of this change.

Why did Gamestop change the refund policy though? Several people are theorizing that it’s due to the retailer going out of business.

This is expected and unfortunately for consumers a smart business move for Gamestop. They’re going out of business and by doing this they are going to save tens of millions of dollars from cash preorders that people are either too busy or just unaware they still have. Once they officially announce they are closing all their stores a lot of these customers would have flocked to cancel their preorders to get their cash back and now they can’t.

This is a pretty far out theory since Gamestop hasn’t exactly shown signs of shutdown or even bankruptcy. Though with the growing digital market of video games, this development does actually make sense.

If this theory is true, you can say goodbye to all those exclusive Gamestop bundles. As for the Gamestop refund policy, it’s more or less another reason as to why people haven’t been pre-ordering games that much lately.

Trust in the gaming industry has diminished in comparison to what it once was. Especially when it comes to brands like EA or Activision who’ve let down consumers time and time again.

Just make sure you don’t act like this guy if Gamestop doesn’t immediately refund your pre-order.

Source: Kotaku