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Today we’re taking part in Akali and oh boy… she does some loopy injury, I’ve probably not performed this champion for the reason that rework and we find yourself with a Pentakill! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Akali Mid Gameplay.

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  1. Hi Huzzy,
    I am in the camp of people that disagrees with you (partially) regarding Akali and being an easy champion. Your base mechanics and game knowledge of the game means you can do the base mechanics of her kit and still do well, especially against players who are lower than your normal competition. You don't have to make flashy plays on her to make her effective, but she's harder that what you're making her out to be. So to be clear, your base mechanics of champions in general and understanding of the champion and how she works (from playing against her) means that your learning curve with her basics is a very short curve.

    Regarding click bait, I personally watch your stuff because there's no click bait and because you have an agreeable temperament (don't rage/flame) and I generally know when I click the title that it's relevant to the video and give some idea of what the content is going to be.

  2. Honestly I love watching you play stuff like this a lot more then you getting sad at ranked games. It makes me smile when you smile ☺️. Keep it up

  3. It is fun seeing you play Akali. I hope to see you play her more since it seems you are having fun playing her. I would love to see you play Eve with her music video that just came out and all.

  4. When a Riven makes a play it's not just a play it's a: double whammy extra special over the wall glitch "random Latin word so everyone thinks they're smart" outplay manouvre.

  5. This is not directed specifically at or about Akali but what are your thoughts on healing this season? To me it seems way more problematic that the end half of season 10, but I encounter far too many people that say it isn't. Curious for thoughts on this. Also no clickbait, never clickbait. That is the reason I started watching you in the first place.

  6. I agree with what several have written already. The main reasons to why I follow your channel is that you have an adult approach, you admit mistakes and you don't scream or curse half of the time. Clickbait is part of that underage behaviour, and while I'd understand why you'd do it, I'd be kind of disappointed at the same time. Keep up the spirit though no matter what!

  7. I forget who said it, but they nailed it on the head with the new Akali. She has bruiser abilities with assassin scaling. Most assassin's need to full combo to kill/one shot things, like Akali, but since her abilities act like that of a bruiser the cooldowns are all out of wack for what she should be.

  8. I hope all this hate your getting isn't affecting you! So happy to see you playing one of my mains, love your vids! keep it up man 🙂

  9. Gotta be honest huzzy not using her passive is triggering me because if he used it he would have destroyed them even more

  10. do hope you could do Evelynn for another AP assassin to compare.

    Just list if that's ok.
    Jinx, kindred, zoe (foryourself too might be fun) , syndra, ziggs,

  11. U get hate when u clickbait because ur audience base think click baiting sucks just like how u do. It's like u Said a content creator audience base represents themselves.

  12. hey Huzzy, if you need extra dosh during a pandemic you can absolutely 100% do clickbait. I've watched you since season 5 and Im not gonna stop watching you just because you need to use some clickbait to live. anyone who doesnt understand that probably doesnt have bills to pay or college debt

  13. Wait, what is all this nonsense about clickbait? Huzz is the least clickbait LoL content creator bar none… Sorry. Next time you get flack about clickbait Huzz post a response video from your Mercedes.

  14. What a clickbate title. He has played Akali so many times and uploaded videos on his channel that say first time alkali

  15. I've been picking up akali, definitely fun and not as hard as i thought she was! I used to play a bunch of pre rework akali and loved it. Clickbait or not your videos are just the best for lol content IMO and the community is great ! Keep it up Huzzy

  16. You're inspiring me to give Akali a shot, Huzzy.

    Also. I think the reason why people are hating on your clickbait (not me personally.) is because of a different fanbase.
    Your fanbase knows they won't get clickbaity titles & then get annoyed when they see clickbait.
    Personally I prefer a "honest" approach to titles rather than clickbaiting for views. If your titles remain honest to how you feel about a video/game/champion then I have 0 problems with it.
    But in the end of the day I really wouldn't care much if a title was a bit more clickbaity. Wouldn't stop me from enjoying your content at all.

  17. Hey Huzz im personally fine with you playing norms even when season 11 actually starts! Do whatever you need to drain yourself of the league stress!

  18. Huzzy – A master tier player in a gold level normal game: Akali is stupid, look at the damage.
    Like what. You can't smurf on a bunch of people with such a skill gap and in a normal game nontheless and conclude that a champ is broken because of it. You could be playing Zed or literarly any other assasin and get this fed. This is what those champs are designed to do, snowball and erase people.

    You have to understand that your skill level is just far beyond what those players so it becomes much easier for you to snowball out of control. Even if you don't think of your self as an mechanically amaizing you're probably still better than those people, not to mention you have a much better sense for making correct decisions, positioning and avoiding&punishing mistakes. Meanwhile they are the exact opposite, they make the wrong calls, misposition a lot and make mistakes (especially hurtful against an assasin getting fed). Did I mention it's a normal game and they have Belle Delphine jungle?

  19. While I'm not going to say that Akali isn't strong – she definitely is – I have to note you got crazy fed off of a support main in mid and the Seraphine jungle.

  20. Unfollow for clickvait title! Kappa

    In all seriousness, I understand your plight entirely. You can please some people all the time, and all people some of the time… But you can never please everyone all the time. And YT viewers do tend to be very peculiar with their wants.

    I look at videos if they look interesting, regardless of the clickbait-iness of the title. Akali herself doesn't interest me, but seeing someone enjoy the game as a whole is enticing to me.

  21. I’m glad you made an akali video it’s pretty sad to see as an akali main that nowadays akali doesn’t take skill to play anymore (not to say huzz has no skill)

  22. Akali can go sunfire. Not busted at all still. I just faced it as a tank mid with sunfire… So… Hate akali now

  23. I'll be honest huzz i dont even read your titles. I just click them. At most i look at the icon for the champion

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