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FINALLY PLAYING ZED! SO MUCH FUN! – Climb to Master S9 | League of Legends


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We’re lastly again on Zed! First time of Season 9 on the principle account and we’re in opposition to a Kassadin! Let’s see the way it goes! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Zed Mid Gameplay.

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FINALLY PLAYING ZED! SO MUCH FUN! – Climb to Master S9 | League of Legends


  1. I don't mean to be rude huzzy, but could you take your own advice? Play 3-4 champs a week instead of sporadically? I get you've played most champs and know how they work, but I feel you do better with mages than with assassins and melee fighters. I've seen your zed, yasuo and gangplank games and they seem a little sloppy. Sure, you get high KDA, but you failed to keep the kassadin in check, and the kills you got were spoonfed to you. That 'pyke ult dodge' wasn't a a dodge lol, you just pressed r bro. It still hit it just didn't execute because pyke hasn't built any dmg item yet. And the enemy team were potatoes, that pyke literally ulted the wave and kassadin seemed like the only one with a brain. You being gold starved helped the team because the resources were being funneled to people who could prove useful. Even if the kaisa is higher than her rank, she still knew how to play her champ. What's a zed with full build gonna do if he doesn't know how to do his combos or his abilities? Good luck in the upcoming season, and I hope you can improve.

  2. I got my first skin from quarterback.gg, it took 2 weeks exactly after the purchase. 4k trophies is a lot, you have to be playing everyday for around 10 hours I think, I nearly reach 1,5k every week and I play a lot already. 4k is just waaay too much.

  3. I used to be toxic yasuo main, got permabanned several times. Then I took a one year break from league due to army and spent a lot of my free time watching your videos. Today I have hundreds of games on my account, with 0 punishments. I have not once flamed anyone, I would say I did reform/grow up 😀 (quit playing yasuo too) haha

  4. Y'all may dissagree, but I think role ranked has its place… in bronze and silver. At that level some people are so bad they have several ranks worth of skill difference between the roles, and learn more (I think?) from playing against people near their skill level in auto filled games, then they would getting stomped into the ground every time.

  5. I like quaterback. Since I only play one or two games of leauge a day, I never make 1000 trophies a week, but I can still make enough coins for a skin or so. Might just take me a while.

  6. QB is cool ,but its a resource hog especially on lower end pcs , I play with QB on with Discord in the backround and it drops my frames on my Gtx 1060 pc with 16 gb of ram. You earn coins so slowly yet the skins are expensive. QB is kinda bad I don't see it as worth it unless you are a child with no income, I only downloaded it myself to support Huzz.

  7. Y u needed to buy mercs this badly? Like tabi was gonna be much better, and also they dont have much CC to make the mercs worth,also if u needed the mercs for the MR, why dont't u just buy a null mantle that give the same MR…i really need u to explain me this 'cause am confused 😛

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