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Welcome again to the brand new mini collection! Huzzy on NA! If you guys like this collection I’ll proceed the collection most certainly 1 video every week. So throw a like on it if you need that to occur! Video sponsored by haste.
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  1. There's nothing wrong with Riven jungle, unfortunately most non riven mains don't know that and assume they're trolling or just plain bad. Riven can jungle as long as the Riven knows how to fast q combo correctly, and it's very viable. She has good ganks with her mobility, damage and cc.

  2. fizz r is dropped but you still have to run away from it in that split sec before it rises it just drops it at your feet not away from you so it will still do the damage if you stay around it.

  3. Can I duo wtih you I'm silver 2. Maybe an NA subscriber team with you just once or on super rare occurrence since NA account might be for fun/proving ping doesn't matter 100%/reaching out to NA fans 😀

  4. Hey huzzy, I am main fizz and I always take dark seal + refillable, I find it better than starting corupting as it free AP scaling incase enemy is bad or your jungler ganks.. Also the extra ap vs Coruppting make last hits much easier. The sustain is fairly the same due to 25% increased healing and since I have TP I always go early back to buy corupting + extra item tp back to lane

  5. Aloha Huzzy, I just wanted to let you know we tried Haste. Our ping before turning Haste on was 108ms and after it was 113ms. We were really hopeful Haste would reduce our ping in Hawaii but it did not. We can still blame our bad plays on lag is the upside. Mahalo for the suggestion and thank you for the very educational videos. Keep up the great work! Mahalo

  6. huzzy i think you are wrong about ping. I am a platinum akali main on eu east but when i play on NA with 160 ping i lose so much from just not being able to react from ping and im silver

  7. I'm still waiting for "Let's get into the loading screen where we break down today's…..TACOS" or something random. It's like you could be breaking down today's anything but you just always end up breaking down the game.

  8. Huzzy in previous videos you mention how you think typing doesn't help a lot but in more recent videos you have started to type. Have you changed your opinion or do you type only in certain situations?

  9. I had a Morgana/Soraka bot lane in a game I played yesterday (and should have dodged). While they did well in their lane, they wouldn't group, and blamed our loss on our grouping. Sigh.

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