Fallout 76’s Upcoming Update Brings New Brewing and Distilling Crafting System


Are you ready to become Wasteland’s premiere bartender?

Bethesda has got some major changes and additions planned for Fallout 76 as part of its efforts to bring the game, which suffered a poor launch, up to expected standards. The developer recently laid out a complete roadmap of planned content for the game over the coming months, with the first major update, called “Wild Appalachia”, going live this month itself.

In another new update, Bethesda has shared details on a new crafting system that will be added to the game, as part of a new quest titled “Wasted on Nukashine”. The Brewing and Distilling crafting system well, as its name suggests, will allow players to concoct everything from wines and spirits to beers and mixed drinks. Each drink will produce buffs and boosts, but the developers notes that each will also have its own drawbacks- so be careful about what you ingest.

Biv, described as “Appalachia’s tipsiest robot”, will be showing you the ropes. All this new crafting will be done through new workbenches called Brewing Stations, which, of course, you can place in your C.A.M.P. as well.

One of the largest issues with Fallout 76 since its launch has been the lack of personality it has exhibited, something that is found so abundantly in other Fallout titles, so it’s great to see Bethesda addressing this issue with a quest like this, which revolves around what seems to be an interesting NPC. It remains to be seen just how it all pans out.

Fallout 76 is also scheduled to receive a PvP overhaul soon, with its beta going live this month as well. Read more on that through here.