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Welcome again to Challenger Spectate, we’re doing a mini-series inside challenger spectate of all of the champions that I (Huzzy) am personally scared of in League however they will not be at all times picked champions. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Evelynn Jungle Gameplay.

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  1. I am personally scared of Lee Sin jungle nowadays. I havent had good experiences with lee as the opponent jungler – i hope we can see a video or a comment about this! thanks! and always supporting you Huz!

  2. I always feel guilty about the regen on Evelyn if I get fed… It scales with AP and sometimes it just straight says "if you are below 125% of your max health, regen for you buddy"

  3. I think the only champion Huzzy is truly scared of is Skarner. He is in every game and has is a semi ranged melee tanky dps assassin mage tank support jungler. Cheers to those who get that reference within league

  4. She doesn’t regen to full health you were looking at her with a potion and red buff. and without the regen she would be pretty useless.

  5. I WISH I was always a fed Eve! I’m so bad at her. I’ve played like 12 games with her and lost them all. She’s not so scary in my hands 😀

  6. You talked about Diamond players not appearing special when playing against each other, and I'd agree. But I don't think it applies anywhere near as much in pro play or even challenger. Obviously mistakes will stand out more if there's higher level of play throughout a match, but you can still gauge that they are good players.

  7. top lane? I think fiora/riven. Those two when played correctly are absolutely terrifying… same as a tryndamere

  8. Evelynn is my spidey sense ban. I get that tickle and ban her and then I check porofessor and sure enough the enemy jg is Evelynn otp.

  9. I’m gonna guess either Galio or shen will show up in this list due to the fact that every engage and gank with a galio or Shen on the opposing team means that you need to be prepared for an additional character to join at any time

  10. I'm gonna make a risky guess here: Lissandra

    Rarely played, but if she can get through laning phase she will dominate teamfights with tons of CC and AoE damage.

  11. Evelyn doesnt regen to full health, she basically heals to 45% which the heal cap is increased based on AP.

  12. Yayyyyy Evelynn! She's my jungle main whenever I do jungle. It's so satisfying when you get fed on Evelynn with those Mejai stacks, she's so scary after level 6

  13. since it's "hidden" champions that huzzy is scared of im going to list champions you don't see too often nowadays.
    Aatrox. We all know Huzzy hates healing and Aatrox is… nasty.
    Aatrox is really good at poking/harassing and you have to consider if you want to trade cs for damage because every possibility he gets to poke you, he will, he has no mana bar after all.
    There were times where i was even with my opponent, i reached level 6 and when i was ganked i won the 1v2, his healing is MENTAL and not balanced in my oppinion, he can tank multiple enemies and come out on top since one q heals him for a great amount and combined with hitting multiple targets, deaths dance & high cdr, Aatrox is overpowered and should be considered hidden op (i havent seen the champ a lot lately).
    Jax. He's Jax
    Ryze. Ryze is a lategame hypercarry who can win lane phase, he has speed, shields, tankynes (roa & tear), aoe, insane damage in the lategame and just… god i hate him, hes my most hated champion, get him out just shoo, go.
    i dont play this role so i'll just say something whacky like Quinn and move on.
    Zyra. high cc, high damage, high scaling, high… plants?
    i honestly think Zyra is really strong but i rarely encounter her so maybe not.

  14. I am playing in gold elo adcs mains almost not exist so my offrole is adc now and I have 72% winrate on adc my main is mid is has 57% but game counts is much higher

  15. I've never had a problem with eve I just play early bullies and push her out of her jungle pre six she struggles dealing with Lee sin graves kindred nidalee xin zhao early without her laners even Warwick just go all in early and if you stuff up say mb in chat and take it on the chin

  16. rivens ban rate is low in america and you rarely see her. her ban rate is higher in your region and her pick rates higher in your region :L not as common here (based on every site even u.gg)

  17. there is a limit to evelyns heal, it scales to your ap and you need to be below a certain threshold. late game though its your full hp

  18. Eve player, no she can be punished sooooooo easy by a good jungler. She has super weak objective control. There is a limit to the regen and without it, you might as well delete the champion.

  19. To the person who is reading this:

    You're amazing stay blessed, stay safe and have an amazing rest of your day!✨

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