There are references to the PS4, iOS, and Android code Valorant


Where there’s smoke, there’s fire?

Although at the moment only available for the PC, Software is Games can be to prepare versions of the Valorant for other platforms as well.

Page Valorant Leaks found in the code of the game, the references to the other versions, namely the lines of code that have mentions to the PlayStation 4, and iOS and Android devices. It is not a guarantee that the Valorant it will be released for those platforms, but it is an indication of that.

Currently, Riot Games is committed to the PC version, which is still planned for the Summer of 2020 in the final version. The closed beta is taking place at the end of March, with limited or no access to the keys in the Twitch Size.

The same page has a single line of code with a reference to the game mode to Team Death-match, which is going to meet the National Games, said recently in an interview.

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