Dwarf Fortress Diary: The Basement of Curiosity – End of Season One


Surprise! This is completion of the very first season of the Basement of Curiosity – however it’s not completion of the tale. The collection is pausing… however just due to the fact that Nate requires to prepare to go as well as talk with Tarn Adams, the designer of Dwarf Fortress, on Sunday 1st September. Read on discover even more…

On the last day of the 7th year of Lorbam’s ft, the dwarves see sunshine for the last time. The last staircases approximately the forest are kicked down, as well as rock pieces hammered over the openings left. The last group of employees scuttles down right into a nondescript passage underneath the trees, as well as it is walled up from the within. At last, the ft is removed from the globe.

The last passage to the surface area is walled up…

The dwarves are late, of program. Lorbam regulated the securing to take place on dwarven Christmas, however the celebration has actually been as well as gone. It was a soft event, this year. Still, the action is done, as well as if the Basement’s girlfriend notifications her individuals’s delay whatsoever, she doesn’t appear troubled by it.

As the last of the sunlight’s rays are snuffed out from her halls, Lorbam remains in a brand-new chamber off the ft’s main shaft, working with a gadget she calls “the Busticator”.

For time, the eccentric leader has actually been consumed with fighting the ever-increasing thickness of time in the Basement – it was why she got all the non-exotic animals butchered in an impressive sector fight, as well as why she has actually been requesting the fortress god Zon to eliminate the idea of temperature level*. But the Busticator is… another thing.

* I cannot manage the will of Zon anymore dependably than Lorbam, of program. But I have control of the init message submits that feed right into his divine cogitators, therefore I can quit him understanding that temperature level is an idea. This needs to accelerate the FPS at which dwarf fortress is presented, at the very least rather.

A basic pit in which a hefty rock drawbridge has actually been created, it functions as a disposing ground for any kind of things or entities Lorbam takes into consideration unneeded. Once sufficient have actually accumulated, a straightforward pull of a degree in an adjoining space will certainly bring the bridge down at orbital rate, entirely wiping out anything underneath it.

The Busticator. Check out those unwell Sonic the Hedgehog risk red stripes round the side of the pit!

After the Busticator is reset, not also dirt continues to be. It is a gadget qualified of entirely damaging issue. And Lorbam makes certain that if she can decrease the number of things in her globe sufficient, time will certainly start to relocate much faster, as it will certainly have much less to think of prior to each action.

Alas, the tool has actually been unstable up until now: in its examination shooting, it just flung a tons of unclean socks everywhere like hobo confetti. And so Lorbam is down on the wrecking flooring, murmuring to herself as she plays with the device’s digestive tracts. Up over, simply a pair of backyards from the activation bar, Id stands, his eye twitching. It would certainly be so very easy to end all the chaos currently – however it would certainly not be right.

No. Lorbam’s end might yet come, in the lengthy darkness that is in advance, however it absolutely won’t occur so dishonourably. Lorbam slaps with pleasure, scuttling out of the pit, as well as the minute is gone. As she draws the bar, squealing with happiness at the Busticator’s roaring activation, Id’s eyes wander to the personalized floorplate next to the device rather.

It shows Kebonurvad, “the scent-laden seal”, a style of 3 sceptres that functions as the ft’s sign. Id has actually never ever actually considered the sign’s name in the past, today it appears oddly suitable. The ft is being secured besides, as well as with cook Ushat’s terrible roasts of maintained offal as well as kilo after kilo of goose eggs, the ft is going to obtain rather scent-laden, rather quickly.

Trapped at night with a chimp-breeding lunatic as well as a hundred egg-chugging dwarves. Yep, this is mosting likely to be a time to keep in mind. But as our sight goes out from the dank boundaries of the Basement, allow’s get in the mind of Id, as well as see what he’s assuming as this brand-new age starts (click to increase the size of):

The checklist of remains Id really feels absolutely nothing concerning proceeds for an additional 2 web pages. He’s… set.

Ah, great.

What following for the Basement of Curiosity?

Phew! Thanks for reviewing all this moment, people. When I began this nearly-weekly collection at the start of the year, I had no concept that it’d run up until August, or that I’d wind up doing it as component of my work. Thanks a lot for sustaining it <3

Next week, I’m mosting likely to be installing an index blog post with a general recap of the collection, as well as a web link per of the episodes up until now, as a type of jumping-in factor for brand-new viewers, as well as afterwards the collection gets on a break til September.

But that’s not mosting likely to be void! At completion of this month, I’m off to Seattle to stand for Rock Paper Shotgun at PAX West. I’ll be offering video game developers difficult difficulties, seeing a real Roman Ghost, duelling musicians in MS Paint, finding the erotique globe of vampires, as well as offering an extensive lecture on the background of Jason Statham in videogames.

But most significantly, I’m mosting likely to be meeting Tarn Adams, the co-creator of DF, as well as Victoria Tran of Kitfox Games, that are adjusting DF for Steam, in order to interview them on the video game – as well as play a fortress – reside on phase. It’s a chance I can’t think I have, as well as I’m well pumped for it.

Thanks once again for reviewing the Basement Of Curiosity up until now, as well as I’ll see you following week.

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