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DOES ZOE DO TOO MUCH DAMAGE? – One For All! | League of Legends


Today we’re enjoying some One For All on Zoe. She’s an fascinating champion however typically is discovered on lists of Champions individuals don’t like, is it as a result of she might do an excessive amount of injury? Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Zoe Mid Gameplay.

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DOES ZOE DO TO MUCH DAMAGE? – One For All! | League of Legends

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  1. Sometimes when my friends and I play aram we go full tank on whatever champ you get…. nice way to chill after a bad game

  2. I am one of the people which stopped playing but still watches your content Huzzyman. And Zoe is one of the reasons i stopped playing. I sadly always played the squishiest ones (like mages and ADCarries) and too many champions are a nightmare to play against. Zoe can pick up your summoner spells so you can’t get away. Yasuo’s windwall can literally block a dozen of abilities. And how the hell do you stay away from a blue Kayn which can dash or walk through a wall? And now we have a Yuumi which can become invisible when attached to stealth champions like Shaco, Evelynn or Rengar making even farm an impossible thing. Ekko then: E-flash-protobelt and latched E and boom you are gone and maybe you deal some damage but he ults away and goodbye. Now what the legitimate fuck is that. All of this is awful and makes me just feel bad. Now why the hell should I feel bad for 10-20-30 minutes being just oneshot everytime and feeling useless. Screw that. I’ve gone back to Skyrim and it’s wonderful

  3. Fun little zoe mechanic, she has a built in lich bane. If you are trying to min max turret dmg, you can throw your q in a random direction, auto, do the second part of the q, and then auto. This does a million damage to structures.

  4. I also watch the content and don't play league, at this point, it feels like if I want to improve and have decent matches I'll have to commit lots of my time to the game, something that I can't do at the current time, but hey I enjoy the videos huzz.

  5. I just watched an NA challenger on Zoe (Pekinwoof), he was 10/2/4, was chunking 80-90% hp of Lulu and Twitch even through their shields, using only Q and empowered auto. Granted, these champions are naturally squishy, and they built no MR, but still. Every 3 seconds or so a fed Zoe can one shot a character with one ability. I dunno what the counterplay is considering she does this a full screen away.

  6. Zoe is overpowered. But overpowered is still beatable. Broken is overpowered to the point where a champ is not beatable without an extraordinary team effort if at all. Zoe is not broken, just OP.

  7. Already looking forward to all the new content coming in pre-season.
    And yes, you playing fun game modes once in a while is refreshing !

  8. I think we have to keep in mind that the one for all game mode gives everyone a permanent buff, which I think includes damage increase.

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