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DO WE GET DIAMOND? KAYLE! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends


Welcome back to Iron to Master! We return in Diamond promo and we’re playing some Kayle against one of my kryptonite champions… Irelia. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Kayle Top Gameplay.

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DO WE GET DIAMOND? KAYLE! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends

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  1. hi again, ur friendly disapproving kayle OTP.
    Kayle vid number 3 of telling huzzy to take PTA instead of that garbage rune

  2. 2 things. One is a Kayle build to try in the eune leveling account. Pta, presence of mind, alacrity, cut down then nimbus cloak and gathering storm. Ignite and flash. Start cull and start e (this doesn’t work vs Jax). Essence reaver, boots, phantom dancer, infinity edge and whatever AS crit item you see fit. You want to stack passive off wave first and then start autoing your opponent to stack pta. Then you keep fighting because she out trades with the cut down pta her passive. And hit ignite for ms and then e when they are just out of range. Second. Thank you for this series.

  3. I ban Katarina because my teammates always die to her, even though my Neeko can beat her up.

  4. I'm no expert, but I have the feeling toxic Draven players are toxic on whatever champion they play.

  5. I did not watch your content for a very long time (the same time I didn't play league so let's say 6months) but recently i asked myself if you changed after the weightloss but the problems are always the same. You promise to always "go back to your main account". In your head you're always "better", but then it doesn't work out so you quit the main account. You're always sorry for your negative behavior and then you start blaming others with plays I 100% see you do in games.
    You pointed out that she would jump on your face and you still didn't back off. I get that you would miss CS but the 'normal' Huzzy would understand that would be better than giving her another kill. "adapting your playstyle is something i learned from you but when you're negative you just don't listen to your positive self.
    If you're having a tough time, just take a break of league or youtube in general. The algorithm won't forget huzzygames for a week not uploading.

  6. Sorry to hear you've been having a rough time lately Huzz, good to see you doing better though. Thanks for all the content despite what you're going through, really appreciate it bud!

  7. Mindgame.

    Name yourself farming champion but in game you roam heavily.

    They never see it coming

  8. "Not the target I would ult but whatever." and next game he is going to be like "At this point in the game killing anyone is basically worth it."

  9. Hey Huzzy!
    Love your content!
    I carried myself out of Iron the other day!!

    Keep it up and I hope you recover soon ; )

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