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DO WE GET DIAMOND? FIDDLESTICKS – Duo to Diamond | League of Legends


Today in Duo to Diamond we’re giving Fiddlesticks ago! The game proves to be a bit rough as they have a few champions that can just jump on me! Like, Comment & Susbcribe! League of Legends Fiddlesticks Jungle Gameplay. Vicksy:

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DO WE GET DIAMOND? FIDDLESTICKS – Duo to Diamond | League of Legends

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  1. i like her she isnt like all these "aww i play lol look at me i am acting sooo cute" e-girls

  2. 17:08 reminder that this champion is a ranged mage, and Olaf is a melee champion who has to run at people to be useful. Vicksy is an awesome Zoe but this isn't a particularly rare play, you see Zoes do this everywhere. The mere existence of champions like Zoe makes others that don't have dashes (i.e. running champions) COMPLETELY obsolete. (Olaf just has a CC immunity R which carries him in teamfights, no-one else has that).

  3. Congrats on the new place!!! Moving out for the first time is super exciting and one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. Is this the first video from da new house?

  4. is Lulu polymorph able to change the champ indicator in chat? somewhat like when you see mega-gnar specifically in the chat which is unique to when gnar is in mega form, do you have a special indicator while polymorphed? around 23:54 I noticed that Vicky's death said "kitty" instead of "Zoe". I assume its a Lulu polymorph interaction but was wondering if anyone knew for sure. also, does anyone know of other things that would change what champion is displayed in chat?

  5. Bro fiddle's voice is sooo creepy. i dont think i can play fiddle just because of that voice lol. the voice is from that movie 'Us'

  6. 6:49 damn you vicksy, I was eating while watching this.

    You owe me 2 french fries that dropped for laughing

  7. For quite some bits of this game the Benny Hill Theme would've been appropriate ;-). Thanks for the great entertainment as always, Huzzy!

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