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DO WE GET D3 ON MY "CHILL" CLIMB ACCOUNT? XERATH! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends


So we’re in Diamond 3 Promo on the Chill Ranked account. D3 is a pretty decent rank so can we achieve it in this chill climb? let’s find out! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Xerath Mid Gameplay.

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DO WE GET D3 ON MY “CHILL CLIMB ACCOUNT? XERATH! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends

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  1. These kinds of videos are my favorite, can half pay attention to the game play while working but still have a good laugh with the commentary

  2. Dogs. 100% Dogs hands down. Cats are cute and fuzzy, but I can’t take them to the beach with me, or go for a run, or hike, or to the lake. I like being active with my doggo. A cat would be fine if there were no dogs avails I guess, better than no pet at all!

  3. I wondered why this game seemed familiar and I realized I watched this one live! Only the second half though, good to see the crazy aggression during the first half.

    QOTD: I love cats more but I am a dog person now because my wife is allergic. And we're not spending thousands to get a hypo-allergenic cat.

  4. I love your content to begin with, but hearing an increasing amount of puns in the recent videos has made me love it even moar.

  5. Cats domesticated themselves because we had a rat problem and they were the solution.

  6. Cats, because that way I can have company and cuddles while living my life without having to care for what is basically a dumb toddler that I have to help go to the toilet every time it needs to.

  7. yeah definitely stay away from America, we're kind of a shit show right now D:

    apparently the bubonic plague is back too so that's really cool. My country is full of plague rats send help.

  8. QOTD: Easy Dogs…..Cats are cute tho it's a love hate relationship between me and them

  9. I got myself a motorbike and got a new job during corona. So cant really complain about 2020

  10. I've had both cats and dogs but lean more towards dogs. I miss my cat but I don't think I'll own one again.

  11. I swear man the promo games is always the most random weird types of games it is a curse

  12. I swear man the promo games is always the most random weird types of games it is a curse


  14. Gordon "Howard" and Riot Tryndamere? Funny that both are associated with Tryndamere (Gordon Hayward's league advertisement involves him playing Tryndamere while recovering from a leg injury)

  15. Dogs , cats are always planning on how too kill you 🙂 good video again watched it on stream aswel lol

  16. Q: Cats or Dogs?
    A: Yes
    I mean, mathematically I am more of a cat person atm. I have 4 cats and 3 dogs.

  17. i like both, cats and dogs! we already have a cat so we are now planning to get a dog as we moved to a house

  18. 32:17 geese…. this is making diamond players look braindead. i cant remember the last time it was this hard for me to get a team to go together to a side lane after getting an inhib in a different lane. and i play in high bronze-mid silver elo. oof. yet these people are diamond….. these people are literal eijits. xD i would be getting so frustrated at this point if i was ye. lol.

  19. QOTD: While I've owned a cat, I have wanted a dog because only dogs have such beautiful and fluffly sentient pillows as Samoyeds. And Wolves>Foxes

  20. i'd perfer having a dog but my neighbor has cat and i have a hawk flying on my roof and chikens cuckling on my window.

  21. Did you see the glitches about the new champ Yone? he can cancel his E and dodge by using ctrl+ 3/5

  22. Xerath is a highly under rated champ. He was the first champ i played and i tried to support with him. Unfortunately his stun isn't that great but it's usable! Some great poke and harass

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