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Dishonored 2 – Trailer Score – E3 2015 Debut


The steampunk stealth shooter returns with a CG trailer that teases new powers and enemies. Did we have to see gameplay of this at E3 2015 or is that this video sufficient to construct hype?


  1. Please find persons who actually played and also replayed a few times the original before putting them in a position like here…makes the video unprofessional.
    It is probably the only fps out there which has that many replay value and almost infinite variations of solving certain "sandbox" situations. A true masterpiece.
    And yes, it indeed looks great playing on a proper PC. The console reviews back then show horrible visuals compared to the PC. Now they re-release a definite edition to the latest consoles, but actually it's just bringing the PC visuals finally to them…

  2. Not sure if it was an accident but corvo didn't get his powers from Daud, he got them from The outsider.

    Daud's Assasins (the Whalers) get their powers from him. but Daud himself got his powers and 8 others got his powers from The outsider.

    Edit: Never mind, these guys really have no idea about this game at all. hard to watch. Middle guy seems like the only guy who even gives a damn.

  3. i thought it was the empress daughter from the first one in this trailer… but no one has even mentioned it has everyone forgot or just assumed everyone knows

  4. It's too bad that if you play the Queen supposedly Arvo is dead :<; it'd be fine if he died but since he doesn't have to I feel like I'm the one killing him <.<

  5. thank you Kyle for being the the voice of reason by pointing out the egregious error of the Outsider confusion. only thing that really sucked about this video is that it seems like you guys knew very little about the first game. you were mixing up stuff left and right

  6. I'm excited for this game, but I really just don't like CG trailers. I want to see gameplay of a game. And if the game isn't ready to be shown I'd rather wait to see it when it's ready rather than something that isn't going to realistically show what the game will look like and play like.

  7. The voice actor isn't Daud, it's the outsider, they do not share the same voice. I also heard that the setting of the game is the Isle of Serkonos which is Corvos home Isle.

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