Did Midas Know He Built On The Zero Point?

Did Midas Know He Built On The Zero Point?


The zero level is the center of the Fortnite map and it was nearly destroyed. Now, the zero level continues to be the point of interest.

After months of considering the situation of the zero level, it was lastly revealed at any time when Galactus attacked on the finish of Fortnite Season Four. As many individuals had predicted, it was revealed that the zero level was really below The Authority your entire time. That brings up a really attention-grabbing query, did Midas understand it was there?

It was acknowledged that Midas meant to make use of the zero level with a view to attempt to push again the storm. However, the whole lot backfired on him and brought about the tsunami that flooded the map in season three. During the entire chaos created by Midas, Galactus came upon concerning the zero level and headed in direction of the map.

The zero level was revealed and was nearly fully destroyed by Galactus. Now, the zero level has been left uncovered in season 5. Things haven’t been fairly on the map both. You can presently work together with the zero level and it could even heal gamers and provides defend. However, again to the query at hand. Did Midas know the zero level was proper below him your entire time?

I don’t consider he did. The zero level has been a thriller for a very long time. It could possibly be the one factor behind this countless loop. Agent Jonesy has seen there’s a approach to escape the loop. If Midas knew the zero level was beneath him, wouldn’t have he been extra curious about uncovering it? He was so targeted on stopping the storm.

If he had a clue the zero level was proper there. He would have tried to make use of it to additional his targets.



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