Destiny 2: The Witch Queen and Lightfall Expansions and Future of the MMO Revealed


Bungie said during the stream that it will focus on these expansions as opposed to releasing a more traditional Destiny 3 sequel to continue the story. Season 11, which is called “Season of Arrivals” and is out now, will lead to Beyond Light and this new story.

“With Destiny 1, we solved the ‘ever expanding, exponential complexity’ problem by making a sequel in Destiny 2. We left behind all of Destiny 1’s content and many of the features players grew to love. We believe now that it was a mistake to create a situation that fractured the community, reset player progress, and set the player experience back in ways that took us a full year to recover from and repair,” Bungie said of continuing Destiny 2‘s story as opposed to launching another sequel. “It’s a mistake we don’t want to repeat by making a Destiny 3. We don’t believe a sequel is the right direction for the game and for the past two years we have been investing all of our development effort into new content, gameplay, and new engine features that directly support a single evolving world in Destiny 2.”

Bungie is so committed to creating more cohesiveness within the Destiny universe that it plans to re-introduce content from the first game through a new initiative called the Destiny Content Vault, which will also see the developer cycle out old Destiny 2 content to make way for new storylines and systems.

“Each year, usually at the expansion boundaries, we will cycle some destination and activity content out of the game (and into the DCV) to make room for new experiences,” Bungie said of the DCV. “The first cycle of Destiny 2 content going into the DCV begins this fall, with the appearance of the Pyramid ships in Season of Arrivals and the Beyond Light expansion…Those events will usher in dramatic changes to the Destiny universe, affecting characters, destinations, and Guardians for years to come.”

The studio stressed that content cycled out of the game and put into the DCV could return in the future in an altered or upgraded form. Strikes set in destinations that are cycled out of the game will also go into the DCV. Bungie also made clear that the DCV will not affect any weapons or armor in a player’s inventory or vault. There will also be “new ways to earn Exotics originally tied to destinations and activity content that have entered the Destiny Content Vault.”

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