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Destiny 2 Beyond Light Braytech Transponder Guide


With the discharge of the long-awaited Beyond Light chapter of Destiny 2, gamers now have extra missions, and weekly actions to stay up for. This Destiny 2 Beyond Light Braytech Transponder information will enable you perceive the aim of Braytech Transponder.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Braytech Transponder

Braytech Transponder is a brand new merchandise that it’s good to use for the brand new weekly quest.

It spawns an enemy known as House of Salvation Techno Squad Leader, who it’s good to kill to get a map. This map is then used to find and kill different enemies to earn rewards.

The first this to do is to get the transponder. The transponder could be solely purchased from Variks, and might solely be bought as soon as a month. Transponder prices you 50 Herealways Pieces to purchase.

Once you purchase the transponder, a patrol space is marked on the map, the place you want t go and kill the newly spawned enemy. The space is at all times within the Eclipse Zone.

The enemy, House of Salvation Techno Squad Leader is a yellow bar foe that seems within the Eclipse Zone.

He is normally accompanied by regular rank and file enemies is the patrol space.

The enemy spawns in numerous location contained in the Eclipse Zone, and it’s good to scour the world to seek out him. Once you discover him, kill him.

Upon killing the Techno Squad Leader, he’ll drop a hologram. In case you aren’t accustomed to the brand new Deep Stone Crypt, the hologram will lead you to your subsequent targets.

Picking up the hologram will show a textual content, “Scanner x3”. with this, you’re tasked with destroying three swarms of flying drones.

Each of those drones will drop a blue tier merchandise, and when all three are destroyed, you’ll obtain a purple tier merchandise.

On approaching these drone colonies, you’ll discover that one of many drones is marked yellow. Shoot this drone first.

Once it’s down, a second drone within the colony will likely be marked, and so forth.

Upon ending off a colony, a stack will likely be eliminated out of your scanner buff to x2.

Now observe the identical trick in taking down the opposite two colonies as effectively. Once every of the swarm is taken out, work together with the flat console close by.

The following are among the drone places often called of now.

Riss-Reborn Approach Scanner Drones

Drone Swarm 1 and 2
Upon reaching the marked location, the primary two clumps of the drones could be positioned on both aspect of the bridge that connects the 2 main buildings on this space.

When you arrive right here, it’s most probably that both Fallen or Vex enemies will spawn, so be sure you clear them out earlier than you go after the drones.

Once every of the swarm is handled, the consoles could be positioned on the appropriate railing guard.

Drone Swarm 3
Once the primary two are handled, head contained in the constructing and observe the hallway. Use the elevator to get to the subsequent flooring, then kill all of the enemies right here.

Once the ground is obvious, lookup and you will note the final drone swarm flying round. Destroy it advert work together with the console to get your remaining reward.

Vex Sectors Scanner Drones

Drone Swarms 1 and 2
These are within the Well of Infinitude. Get to the big room that’s normally sealed off by a Vex Shield, and right here, blast the drones flying above.

The different drones are within the subsequent room. Make positive to work together with the panels after you destroy them.

Drone Swarm 3
This drone is on the nook of the patrol zone, simply earlier than the boss room the place Brig drops in Empire Hunt.

Destroy the drone and work together with the panel to get your rewards.

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