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Death Stranding Guide – Full Resources List For Crafting Grenades, Tools And More


Find out what’s wanted to craft ladders, Exo Suits and particular grenades.

As you in all probability observed in our information about buildings and the place to finest place them, crafting and development are fairly necessary in Death Stranding. It’s potential to craft new Exo Suits, climbing gear, development gear and rather more as you collect extra supplies on the earth. What do you want for crafting sure issues although?

Let’s have a look at instruments first, which incorporates the ever necessary ladder. You want the next supplies:

  • Ladder – Metal (20)
  • Construction Equipment – Resin (32), Metal (40)
  • Construction Equipment (Lvl 2) – Resin (64), Metal (80), Chiral Crystal (30)
  • Rope Pile – Resin (16)
  • Rope Pile (Lvl 2) – Resin (20), Metal (10)

Now let’s check out gear. This contains all of the totally different boots and Exo Suits (often known as Skeletons) which you’ll unlock by way of finishing orders.

  • Bridges Boots – Resin (8)
  • Bridges Boots (Lvl 2) – Resin (16), Metal (12)
  • Bridges Boots (Lvl 3) – Resin (32), Metal (24)
  • Power Skeleton (Lvl 1 to three) – Resin (160), Ceramic (120)
  • Speed Skeleton (Lvl 1 to three) – Resin (160), Ceramic (120)
  • Pile Skeleton (Lvl 1 to three) – Resin (140), Ceramic (140)

Next up are objects which might vary from decoy units for distracting Mules to restore spray in your containers.

  • Blood Bag – Chiral Crystal (6), Resin (6)
  • Container Repair Spray – Chiral Crystal (16), Resin (8)
  • Smoke-Emitting Decoy Cargo – Special Alloy (10)
  • Vog-Emitting Decoy Cargo – Resin (16), Metal (10)

Finally, there are EX Grenades. Before you unlock Hematic Grenades and Bullets, you’ll have EX Grenades to assist chase away B.T.s. These are produced from, to place it shortly, urine and feces. Here’s the right way to craft every grenade:

  • EX 0 Grenade – Created from Sam’s sweat. Once soiled, take a bathe. The extra dust and Chiralium washed off, the extra grenades created.
  • EX 1 Grenade – Created from Sam’s urine. Drink plenty of Monster Energy, whether or not within the personal room or within the open world. Then select the standing possibility in the bathroom. Again, the extra urine produced, the extra grenades created.
  • EX 2 Grenade – Created from Sam’s feces. Eat Cryptobiotes, which additionally serve to replenish your blood, after which use the sitting possibility in the bathroom. The extra Cryptobiotes eaten, the extra feces produced which suggests the extra grenades created.

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