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Dark Souls III – Trailer Score – E3 2015 Announcement


The debut of Dark Souls III at E3 this 12 months was predictable, however superior. Is the announcement trailer too brief to be candy, or does it ask all the correct questions?


  1. Agreed… everyone on camera especially guy in middle taking such inaccurate shite. Guy off camera knows souls – why is he not the focal point of this talk?

    Every e3 video with this guy in middle annoys me as a complete fucking tool who talks incessantly without any substance.


  2. okay these guys should not be giving opinion or critiquing on the trailer, the guy behind the camera talking off screen has an interest in the trailer and can give insight on every scene, rather than three sitting at the table looking at their hands thinking about what to say to keep filling time.

  3. This pumped me up. The trailer was SO souls. I cant wait. I hope they keep out the reliance on blocking as they did in ds2 but go back to SL pvp.

  4. Such a disappointment that From Software is starting to make their own formula of Demon's Soul to become the next yearly release game like Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed.

  5. So is Brandon looking for a montage at the end of the trailer showing off the Giant killing a bunch of people? I thought that long shot at the end was incredible and made this character more badass than any other villain in any other trailer doing evil things and saying "I'm an evil villain!"

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