Cyberpunk 2077 Lore – Who is Johnny Silverhand?


We know him as John Wick, and shortly, we’ll know Keanu Reeves as Johnny Silverhand as properly. But whereas we’re all excited to see the beloved actor tackle a serious function in CD Projekt RED’s upcoming open world RPG opus Cyberpunk 2077, that’s removed from the one cause we’re curious to see what function Johnny Silverhand will play within the sport’s story. In the deep, wealthy lore of the Cyberpunk universe, Johnny Silverhand has been a magnetic and interesting character for a while, and lots of of this property’s biggest tales have centered round him and his actions.

To see him play such a serious function in Cyberpunk 2077 spells thrilling issues concerning the game- however for these not within the know, who precisely is he? What’s Johnny’s deal? Well, that’s precisely what we’re right here to speak to you about, and hopefully, by the point we’re achieved, you’ll have a a lot better understanding of occasions which have transpired in his previous to get him to the place he’s going to be within the upcoming (hopefully) quickly to be launched sport.

Though he’s identified and beloved the world over within the Cyberpunk universe as Johnny Silverhand, the rebellious musician wasn’t born with that title. Born in 1988 as Robert John Under, he had a tumultuous and eventful life in his earlier years as properly. He enlisted within the United States navy at a fairly younger age, and never lengthy afterward, noticed motion within the subject within the battle that went on to be often known as the Second Central American War.

It was a battle that garnered some significantly ugly press, as conflicts clearly do. The United States navy’s causes for participating in hostilities with numerous Central American nations had been thought of doubtful by many, and the battle itself was deemed pointless by numerous people- which included many within the US navy itself. That giant variety of individuals included Johnny himself, and like a number of different American troopers, fairly than combating in a battle he didn’t imagine in, he selected to abandon the navy, even when that meant risking his personal life.

Johnny returned to Night City, the place the place he was born and lived earlier than he had enlisted, and adjusted his title, adopting a brand new persona to maintain his actual id a secret, in order to make it possible for his desertion from the military was stored a secret from those who mattered. He started calling himself Johnny Silverhand, deriving his final title from the cybernetic arm he needed to have put in to exchange the one he’d misplaced within the battle in Central America.

Not lengthy afterward, Johnny Silverhand shot to fame- he selected to embody his rebellious nature and his anti-corporation and anti-government spirit by way of his music. His band, Samurai, was extensively and fiercely beloved the world over, and the revolutionary nature of his message and his fashion turned him right into a dwelling legend amongst many. Even after Samurai break up up and disbanded in 2008, Johnny Silverhand nonetheless remained a massively fashionable determine.

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Without Samurai at his again, Johnny determined to strike out on his personal as a solo musician, hellbent on utilizing his music to maintain spreading and pushing his message. Given his large recognition, he was wanted by many publishing labels, one in all whom even threatened to disclose his actual id to the world and inform everybody that he was a deserter. In response, Johnny launched an album by way of which he revealed all of these particulars himself, whereas additionally revealing the deeds of the navy when he had been enlisted as a soldier.

Things, nonetheless, shortly modified for Johnny, and his world was turned the other way up within the yr 2013. At the time, he was in a relationship with the supremely gifted programmer and netrunner Alt Cunningham, who was the developer of the Soulkiller program. The program, in easy phrases, was able to creating a precise duplicate of a netrunner’s thoughts, after which wiping out the unique utterly, leaving their physique as nothing however an empty, lifeless husk. And what precisely was that essential? Well, as a result of the ever so shady company often known as Arasaka needed to get their fingers on that know-how.

In 2013, as Johnny and Cunningham had been leaving a live performance collectively, she was kidnapped by an Arasaka strike workforce, whereas Johnny himself was left for useless, with Arasaka aspiring to drive Cunningham to recreate the Soulkiller program. Johnny, nonetheless, was by no means one to take issues mendacity down. Deciding to utilize his navy expertise, he gathered a strike workforce of his personal, and with the assistance of his former Samurai bandmates, he was in a position to infiltrate the Arasaka headquarters in Night City. He was too late, nonetheless, and Cunningham ended up turning into a sufferer of her personal program- attributable to Arasaka’s actions, her thoughts was trapped within the Arasaka mainframe, and although her digital existence continued on, her physique turned a dull husk.

The incident left Johnny with a deep-seated hatred for the Arasaka Corporation, however most significantly, he turned decided to seek out Cunningham as soon as once more. In the early 2020s, the Fourth Corporate War was in full swing, and Arasaka and Militech had been locked in a full scale international battle towards one another. Johnny noticed this as a possibility to not solely strike again towards Arasaka, but additionally rescue Cunningham, and selected to enter the Arasaka Tower to steer an assault and finish the battle.

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Things didn’t go properly for him, although. Supposedly, he was gunned down by the loyal Arasaka soldier turned cyborg Adam Smasher- however with Militech destroying the tower with a nuke, his physique was by no means discovered. In the years since then, even many years afterward, Johnny’s demise has been a degree of thriller and rivalry, with many believing that he’s nonetheless on the market someplace, and questioning what the true circumstances surrounding his demise actually had been.

In Cyberpunk 2077, Johnny is going to have a serious function to play, and will probably be a companion character of kinds for the protagonist V- although, in fact, what his true motivations are and simply how reliable he actually stays to be seen. Though CDPR have shied away from giving any concrete particulars, it’s strongly implied that Johnny’s bodily physique is gone, so he is “useless” within the standard sense of the word- however he’ll nonetheless be factoring into the story as what the builders name a “digital ghost”, which might counsel his thoughts, too, is trapped somwhere within the internet, very similar to what occurred to Cunningham.

The circumstances round his obvious demise, how his beef with Arasaka will come into play, and precisely what his final objective is within the story of Cyberpunk 2077 are all questions that we’re going to have to attend just a bit bit longer to get the solutions to. One factor’s for certain though- he’s an thrilling wild card, and we will’t wait to see how issues with him play out.

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