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Cyberpunk 2077 Guide – How to Unlock Fast Travel, and Infinite Money Glitch


Quickly flit about Night City and rake within the eddies with the following pointers.

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In Cyberpunk 2077, the choice to quick journey is unavailable till finishing the primary job “The Ride.” That’s the mission the place you speak to Dexter DeShawn and it doesn’t take too lengthy to end. Once that’s accomplished, some quick journey factors will open up in Watson. So how do you go about including extra?

First off, quick journey can solely be accessed from the varied kiosks littered inside and exterior Night City. You can’t simply go into your primary map, select a quick journey level and instantly go there. A kiosk has to be immediately accessed within the open world.

There are numerous completely different quick journey factors to unlock although. Check out the video beneath from 100% Guides for of all of the areas.

How to Earn Infinite Amounts of Money

Given the variety of bugs and exploits within the recreation, it solely is smart that there can be a glitch to earn infinite quantities of cash. You want to entry the facet job “Space Oddity” to do that although so head to Rancho Coronado in Santo Domingo – it’s close to a fuel station.

There can be males at a desk – communicate to them and both persuade them to promote you the laptop computer for two,000 eddies (which requires 7 within the Body stat) or kill them to entry it. Next up, hack the laptop computer (which requires 10 within the Intelligence stat) or search for the physique that it was stolen from, which is close to the dumpsters exterior of the fuel station on the west facet. Look for the Access Shard along with your scanner and then apply it to the laptop computer. Run “launch.exe” for coordinates – these will lead you to a drop level.

Upon heading to the situation, you’ll come throughout quite a few Militech guards. They’re pretty powerful so be sure you’re effectively geared up stepping into. Take them out and find the portray. Now search for a drop-box and promote it for 4,000 eddies. Buy it again for five eddies and promote it once more for 4,000. Once the drop-box runs out of cash, search for one other one and repeat this course of. Make positive to shut the seller after promoting it and re-open it for the glitch to work correctly. For extra particulars on finding the job and portray, try IGN’s video beneath.

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