CS: GO – A legend reinvented for a new generation

If you have lived under a stone if by now you do not know what Counter-Strike is . This project was born more than 10 years ago as a modification for Half-Life , which in its early years managed to position itself as the most played online title in the world, as well as being one of the drivers of eSports. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was developed by Hidden Path Entertainment, known for the eccentric tower defense Defense Grid: The Awakening and for maintaining the Source version of Counter-Strike for years, which means that an experienced team will be the one who gives new life to a product that after 12 years is still one of the most popular on Steam.
csgoMuch of the success of Counter-Strike lies in that it is a very simple game, fun and addictive, but it will require discipline and dedication if you want to become one of the best. In him there are 2 factions: Terrorist, whose objective is to plant a bomb in a specific place while the Counter-Terorist should prevent this from happening. In another variant of the game mode, the Terrorist will have captives of several hostages and the CTs will have to save them. The team that completely eliminates its opponent will be the winner and will obtain a monetary reward for each enemy loss with which it will be able to improve its arsenal.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has 4 playlists that will define the game mode and some of the corresponding rules. Arms Race is the name that the Gun Game receives within CS: GO , concept that we have seen recently in the expansion of Close Quarters for Battlefield 3 ; your goal is to progress a list of weapons going through all types: pistols, rifles, shotguns, until you reach the knife. In Demolition we find a simplified version of the base game mode where the Terrorists will have to plant a bomb on a relatively small map; The confrontations will occur almost immediately due to their size, in addition to having a list of predefined weapons in which you will progress to obtain enemy casualties.
Classic Casual and Classic Competitive are the game modes that defined the franchise, the only difference being the rules and the speed with which the maps change; in Classic Casual friendly fire and character collisions will be deactivated, you will also receive better rewards every time you have a monetary income, here you can play in teams of up to 10 players. In Classic Competitive you will find the Counter-Strike experience as it should be; friend fire and collisions will be activated, which will change the way you play; It will be important to take care of your economy, since you will not have the bonus that is granted in Casual. The maximum size of the teams will be 5 players.


Keep in mind that Counter-Strike is a game of skill, do not be fooled by the label of “Casual”, because after 12 years and although this is a new delivery, the level of the players is high. Nor is it something to fear, because although sometimes the games are extremely unbalanced, it will be fun and highly addictive. Beginners may have to start playing with Bots to learn the layout of the maps and the behavior of the weapons, which by the way, are very different from those found in other games: each one has a different kick back, so there will be that shoot in bursts or control the kick in an act that some comically call Spray-n-Pray (spray and pray).
In Global Offensive there are no ranges or unlockables (which in our opinion would ruin an online game), you will have to buy all the weapons. For this reason, the economic factor is extremely important, bad management will prevent you from acquiring enough equipment and if you save, you will surely have a good performance in the game. Each time you start a round you can buy weapons and equipment through a radial menu clearly designed for console and that in the PC version is confusing and invasive, because you can not move while you are in it.
You will find 16 maps, 8 of them new and which are for the new game modes; These are small and knowing them will not take more than one game on each team. The rest of the maps are for the classic game mode, reissues of which we have played for years with slight modifications that preserve their essence intact; the veterans will sail them without problem and they will feel at home immediately. This is a somewhat controversial factor and generates mixed feelings because they are cornerstones in the level design, and although we would have liked to see new maps for the classic game modes, they are not really needed because they are legendary.
There are 11 factions, some directly based on the special forces of certain countries, for example the SEAL Team 6 or the GSG-9, and on the side of the Terrorists are those inspired by terrorist associations or criminal stereotypes such as the Balkan group
The teams are represented by a faction, fictitious or not, that will determine their appearance and can not be changed, which recently caused controversy in Spain. Something that saddens us a bit is finding that the new appearances of the teams are accompanied by their own dialogues, so for the first time in 12 years the most remembered radio commands are not there, preserving them was a factor of nostalgia, but they chose to simplify the system and make it more useful. The new models of characters and voices can be attributed to the fact that they chose to make the setting and atmosphere more realistic.
Glob Offensive makes use of the Source Engine, therefore you will not require a very powerful computer equipment to run it. On the other hand, the visual aspect left much to be desired, because although the models and maps are detailed and of high quality, the saturation of colors is very low, so that the maps turn gray and sepia, and in the distance you can see fog that seems to disappear everything that is far, which makes it extremely difficult to differentiate a hostile from a partner, despite the added visual mark on the top of the model. This artistic presentation would have been perfect in another title, but in Counter-Strike , where the recognition of the models is crucial for the competitive game, it is completely wrong.

In the previous versions of the title, and specifically in the original, a good headset allowed you to hear a sound and define its location precisely, in CS: GO it is confusing, since the subtle differences that indicate whether a sound comes up or down, for example in Nuke.
In a market saturated with modern war games and its worn-out formula, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive comes to challenge the market. While it is true that it remains extremely popular on Steam, it must also be said that its popularity declined, and now developers have the opportunity to show that a game can continue to be valid after years and teach a lesson to players who seem to have forgotten the essence of the multiplayer: a combination of competitiveness and skill.

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