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CrossfireX: Official Single-Player Campaign Trailer


Check out the trailer for the single-player campaign in the upcoming Xbox-exclusive first-person shooter CrossfireX, which is being developed by Remedy (Control, Quantum Break, Alan Wake). CrossfireX will be released later in 2020.

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  1. This stupid time exclusivity 🙄. Waiting 6-12 months for nothing. The far far better selling platform with millions more gamers will wait so that the small platform has this game first. I can’t stand those deals. No matter if Sony Nintendo MS Epic or Steam are making them. They just suck. And are not helping the platform to sell better. House own exclusives sell platforms 🙄

  2. Dunno why so dislikes, looks like CoD, if it will be better – good for us. Anyway, good to see AAA not Activision or DICE shooter

  3. I just realised the song they use is a cover of dmx x gonna give to you lol. Anyone knows who's the cover artist is?

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