Creative Assembly Announces Total War Three Kingdoms Delay To Ensure Quality


Creative Assembly’s upcoming historical title Total War: Three Kingdoms was supposed to be coming out next month, on March 7. However, an announcement from the studio earlier this morning gave fans the unwelcome news that there would be a Total War Three Kingdoms delay to ensure that some functions worked properly.

Instead, the game will be coming out on May 23, around two and a half months from now. This will be the second time that the game has been delayed since its announcement, when it was given a release window of Fall 2018. Total War: Three Kingdoms is shaping up to be Creative Assembly’s most ambitious Total War game yet, even over everything that Total War Warhammer brought us. With a brand new diplomacy system, technology tree, relationships between heroes, and more, Three Kingdoms might stand a risk of becoming like Rome 2 if it’s released badly.

Total War Rome 2 first released in 2013, and was immediately and harshly criticized for having a huge amount of bugs and issues that kept it from being playable. While the game is well-regarded now due to a massive effort to fix bugs and other glitches, as well as a huge amount of DLC, that period is still seen as a very dark time in Creative Assembly’s history.

The reason for the Total War Three Kingdoms delay is likely to avoid the game going the same way as Rome 2 initially did, with a large number of bugs and systems that didn’t work correctly. As the game takes place during the Romance of the Three Kingdoms era, where multiple different heroes and rulers fought for supremacy over China, it’s an epic game on an epic scale that has to work perfectly.

Hopefully, even though many Total War fans that have been waiting for a game like this might want to play it on March 7, Creative Assembly will hopefully be able to give us a great game when May 23 rolls around to justify the Total War Three Kingdoms delay.