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CRAZY SUSTAIN TRUNDLE – Unranked to Diamond – Ep.3 | League of Legends


Time to Troll! On Trundle leading lane vs Jax. We play sustain / survival Trundle which take advantage of the brand-new runes! League of Legends Trundle Top Gameplay.

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  1. I know this vid is 6 months old, but I just wanted to say when playing Trundle, I almost always pick up a spirit visage. In this comp you mention that early on you weren't worried about magic damage, but the heal % increase on your auto attacks with hydra, your Q, and grasp of the undying keystone could have turned the tides in your favor in a number of fights. He just has an innate synergy with the item.

    Love the vids though, newly subbed to the channel, and I'm definitely looking forward to continuing with this series. 🙂

  2. I dislike how you make excuses after each death. I like it when you make clear observations on what could have been done differently, but the excuses ruin it.

  3. if u group with ur team when u r so big got so many kill this game ezpz.. but u chose to split push instead… u literelly gv em chance to scale.. enemy team laugh at that cumback

  4. As a trynda jax and singed main i feel with you 100%. I accualy have lower winrate on my smurfs in lower elo on trynda and jax then in diamond. Not because im playing worse, but because people don't understand the splitpushing game. 🙂 In higher elo im a "god" breaking first inhib tower, in lower elo im just a "never grouping moron" when my team hardforce a 4v5 <3

  5. Few things. For freezes, you need 4 caster minions remaining on enemy wave between the middle of the lane and your tower. It's that simple really. Don't let any of the minions touch the tower as it will break the freeze.

    Freezing is done best when your team is having upper hand and you are strong enough to deny the opponent. If you're team is losing and you're strong you want to push and roam / ward invade jungle / make tele bot plays. Like in this game, instead of watching how can I dive and risk dying by doing so jax, the attention should have been how to take advantage of teleport to make bot play -> take dragon.

    Ravenous on trundle is .. just bad, lots of wasted stats. You go titanic. Ravenous is item for skirmisher subclass like Fiora. Although even when Titanic can be arguably better option if split pushing will be core modus operandi.

    Huzz lost because he played bad on this one. Ain't many excuses to make.

  6. this game was frustrating to watch, it looked like a normal game. Especially tristana, she just runs away in teamfights. That's why i never play frontline in low elo, u engage u cc the right targets u peel but the carries don't do any dmg, they either go ham and die insta or run away…

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