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CRAZY LEVEL 1 ON ASHE! – Unranked to Diamond – Ep. 136 | League of Legends


Today I’m playing one more contributed choice, Ashe ADC! The video game begins in a crazy method lane at level 1. Ashe does really feel a little bit out classified in Season 8 however you can still do ok with her! League of Legends Unranked to Diamond Ashe ADC Gameplay.

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  1. Ashe is the best late game adc and you didn't Dodge much of ezs attacks. You also should have movement speed runes on her to be able to dodge skill shots easier. At late game I usually have 470-520ms on ashe. That will help you a lot

  2. did your team just do the earth drake earlier you would have gotten baron a lot faster later. Also Bork is on Ashe mandatory. At least it is the last months. Dont know how it was back than.

  3. hey huzz, woould like to know why you dislike ap malph. He seems to be quit useless after he uses his ult so why not get the most out of it and burst people with it ?

  4. "Faker wins World Championsship -> Holds up the Trophy with a smile"

    Youtube comment: WhY iS He HapPy, diD He NeVeR wOn It BefOrE?!?!?!?

  5. Hi, I picked you up on the start of unranked to diamond this season and so far enjoyed your video's a hell of a lot, also myclimb is going better. I'm using adblocker but I do want to support you, but the sponsor button is just not there for me. Maybe the feature is not enabled in Belgium? I will definitely do that when we have that available here, keep up the awesome work!

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