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CONTROLLING THE TOP LANE ON VLADIMIR! – Climb to Master S9 | League of Legends


Placements advance the primary account as well as we’re highlighting one of my large weapons, Vladimir. We’re going top versus a Fiora as well as we do fairly an excellent work at controlling the lane. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Vladimir Top Gameplay.

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CONTROLLING THE TOP LANE ON VLADIMIR! – Climb to Master S9 | League of Legends

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  1. So Imo that second kill you missed on Fiora early was simple spacing error. I believe if you walked up autod and stuttered your step she would have panic W'd at this point just E into w. Hold ignite q when you come up and path out of turret range.
    Source: Almost 2mil Mastery on Vladimir 🙂
    GG WP!

  2. Huzz, you started talking about how either team getting ahead could kill everyone on the other team… I thought "this is gonna be a blood bath" even before I realized it was Vlad 🤣

  3. I usually like all the vids I have seen from you. Loved the gameplay here, but I just felt I had to dislike the vid after all the talk about "cheese champs arent real… blah blah blah". That sounds more like someone who is salty or toxic than anything else. I could say that playing "op" characters (really strong ones) like vlad to get placed means you are getting somewhere you "dont deserve" but that would be just as toxic and just as false.

    Just because you dont think something should be done, does not make it any less legitimate. If someone is really good at something that is uncommon, they have earned their rank just as much as you have earned yours. Or are you saying One Tricks dont deserve their ranks, and people who can only play one position dont deserve theirs, etc. etc.

    Bashing someone for a choice of champ and position, especially after you admit it can be used to great effect, is about as scummy as it gets. Sorry man, but I really disliked this video off those remarks. Hopefully the next vid I watch from you is back to your cheerful and fun commentary, and not bashing people and delegitimizing them for playing the way they enjoy playing.

  4. Playing Twitch jungle is just playing champion in game, I'm really confused why you dis it so much. If you otp any champ you get higher rating "then you deserve" by your logic.

  5. Is there something wrong with ranked? I have a 10-2 record in ranked for mid, yet I lose 26 Lp per loss and only gain 12, I keep winning but my LP gains keep going down, I don't know what is going on

  6. “Play a real champion…”
    …Yo, Twitch is a real champ. He’s right there, with strengths and weaknesses and skill expression like so many others. I enjoy stomping on one tricks as much as anybody, but hate the players… don’t hate the champ.

  7. i love the feeling when cheesers get destroyed
    every time when someone cheeses me, or is cocky i suddenly start tryharding so much, that i am impressed by what i am capable of, and when i destroy their nexus i scold an try to tilt them so much for their cheese.

  8. Why not do a actual climb to master? Like get an actual account STARTING at iron4 or so and do a climb? Starting high plat isn’t that interesting it’s just IMO. love the content but still think it’d be more entertaining

  9. I understand your disliking for twitch jungle.

    "play a real champ"

    I really disagree with you there, that's quite a toxic thing to say, as all champs are "real" champs imo

    There is a reason not all twitch jungle players climb, because there is always skill

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