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Code Vein and God Eater are in The Same Universe?


Now that the information concerning the Code Vein universe and its story has sinked in, it’s time to speak concerning the elephant in the room. Does it share the identical universe with God Eater, Shift’s iconic JRPG franchise that stepped apart in order that the brand new souls-like title can shine?

Fans which have loved God Eater over the previous decade can see some hyperlinks between it and Code Vein. Clearly, it’s not simply its artwork model, which is an identical. They might presumably share the identical universe.

In phrases of the place does each fall, Code Vein might properly be set after the tip of the God Eater sequence, with some deviations to the primary plot. Given the truth that each have considerably related monsters and cumbersome weapons, it received’t be far fetched to say that there’s a hyperlink there.

The minds behind the setting of Code Vein have revealed that the sport is a standalone title, it does share some minor, but attention-grabbing similarities with God Eater. During a cutscene earlier than the

The first and most important detail is the Juzo Mido boss struggle in Code Vein, one can clearly see a four-legged monster that shares the identical facial particulars as Dyaus Pita (Heavenly Father), an iconic determine in God Eater Ressurection. Here’s the cutscene (skip to six:50) and the image of Dyaus beneath, for comparability.


If that’s not sufficient to persuade you then now we have extra proof and it comes in the type of a collectible merchandise in Code Vein. The Bugarally Doll. If you’re a fan of God Eater, you already know that Bugarally is a TV present, with which Kota is obsessed about. This is a direct hyperlink with the Code Vein universe, both as an homage or as proof that the 2 are set in the identical world.

Last however not least, have you ever observed how IO in Code Vein is extremely related seeking to Shio in God Eater? They each share the identical yellow eyes and white hair. What’s altering is their character, which may very well be a change of perspective, if Code Vein is admittedly set after the God Eater franchise.

Clearly, these particulars alone aren’t sufficient to place the Code Vein universe set in God Eater. However, seeing weapons shared between the video games, characters sharing options and monster artstyle being the identical can shed some mild on the matter.

What do you suppose although? Do Code Vein and God Eater share the identical universe? Do you see any more crossovers between the 2? We’ll be wanting extra into the matter, though we doubt we’ll get additional than that.