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Chronos: Before the Ashes Mirror Codes Guide


There are three mirror portals in the first world of Chronos: Before the Ashes that it is advisable unlock to advance via the story marketing campaign. To undergo these mirrors, it is advisable discover mirror codes. In this information, we’ll make it easier to discover the areas of the Mirror Codes in Chronos: Before the Ashes.

Chronos: Before the Ashes Mirror Codes

You need to undergo two mirrors in the marketing campaign mode, whereas the third mirror is to unlock an achievement.

Given under is a short description of the three mirror code areas.

Ward 16 Mirror Code
This mirror is discovered at the beginning hub of the recreation the place you spawn for the first time.

This space known as Ward 16. The code for the mirror present in Ward 16 is inside the room with a see-through glass window. The code is on the prime proper facet of the room.

ward 16 code

Going via this mirror will unlock the achievement Mirror, Mirror.

Library Bookshelf Mirror Code
To get the Master Key from the locked shelf in the library, you need to undergo the mirror to shrink your self and get inside the bookshelf. The code for this mirror is written on the hand vintage positioned beside the candle on the bookshelf.

Krell Guardian Arena Code
The first boss that you simply face in Chronos Before the Ashes requires you to undergo the mirror earlier than the battle begins.

The boss, Krell Guardian, can simply kill you in a single hit. The solely approach to defeat the boss is for those who change into huge through the use of the mirror.

When you enter the enviornment the place the boss is sitting, search for the code on the wall positioned behind the boss. Use the code to unlock the mirror and defeat the boss.

Check out our information on the Krell Guardian Boss struggle if it offers you any hassle.

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