Chapter 2 Coming January 17th


DICE’s shooter will see “A Few Good Soldiers” arriving next week.

DICE had previously confirmed that Battlefield 5’s second chapter of Tides of War will be coming next week. However, the in-game calendar (as reported by WCCF Tech) offers a much more concrete release date: January 17th. It’s unsure what the tagline “A Few Good Soldiers” is meant to indicate in this case but there you go.

Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes offers quite the array of content. Combined Forces allows up to three friends to team up for co-op missions which take place over a number of maps. Two new game modes – a new version of Rush and Squad Conquest – will also be coming. The former eliminates MCOM stations for bombs while the latter sees 16 players with two squads per team fighting it out.

This is in addition to the weekly events and rewards for ranking up. Whether all of the above is set to release on January 17th remains to be seen. Regardless, if you need a reason to hop back on to Battlefield 5, Tides of War: Chapter 2 might be your ticket.