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CAN WE WIN A 4V5 WITH VIKTOR? – Rush to Diamond | League of Legends


Today we’re playing Viktor and also we remain in an official 4v5 yet the video game is really rather close! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Viktor Mid Gameplay.

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CAN WE WIN A 4V5 WITH VIKTOR? – Rush to Diamond | League of Legends

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  1. Most days I only play one game at 5.30AM before going to work. people aren't toxic or leaving, probably because like me, they know it will probably be their only game today.
    You should try it 😀

  2. Regarding the Point at 04:00, About ping checker

    I am from Mauritius, I usually play on EUW with a ping 220-260 Ms and had 330-400Ms on NA , When there was the ping or connectivity were shown back in Season 1-2, People tend to be negative towards me and friends for having "bad connection" and made our gameplay experience worst than it should be whether in the chat experience or camping.

    When it was removed in Season 3, The experience were smoother from a player relation experience. Afterwards, When "The auto ban for disconnection" was introduced, things got worse and I lost my interest in playing the game as Riot did not cater for our audience, but eventually we had better connection in the country with more affordable pricing.

    P.S: Oceania is worst due to connectivity facilities from the African continent and the Oceanic region. It was the same from the day, I was playing DoTA on garena in the different regions.

  3. I was personally experiencing this the most during the 2 worlds patches, but ESPECIALLY because of the Senna patch. Myself & my group of friends had connection issues randomly through loading screen, anywhere from once to 5 times in a day, whereas we hadn't experienced it at all ourselves the entire split until then.
    I know personally, I was having issues with Senna myself. ANY time she was picked, I could crash on loading screen, and then the client would say I needed to repair for 10 minutes, causing a remake…as a support main, it was frustrating as shit to not play a new support, and for completely different reasons that usually occur (ex: everyone flooding the queue to play her)

  4. About servers.. we have russian server but it is located in the same location with EU West there is no ping difference between RU server and EU West, we have to play with 80 ping and people in asian part of Russia have to play with 150 ping… I love our RU Riot team they are doing great – a lot of nice events the localisation of league is perfect but there is no point to play in our home server while we have same ping with EU West

  5. Lucian, if you run across this game… you're failsauce. Quit league, your ragequit should be anger against yourself because you and your feeding are the reason your team couldnt carry 4v5.

  6. This seems to be my ranked experience for most of the last 2 years… or more. It's a game, it's supposed to be fun… if you can have fun, doing this… yeah… go for it.

  7. 24:30 I hate when people ask him a question, and he just gives a vague answer. "Because their comp is screaming lich bane." He doesnt explain why their comp is "screaming lich bane" or what it actually does to help against their comp. He just leaves it at that.

  8. riot need to sort out there banning system i got a 2 week suspension for typing reported in the game chat because they were literally trolling the whole game and being toxic, it is putting me of playing the game because the system makes it so easy for a report to be valid even though it makes no sense on why youve been reported. Im now too close to be perma banned so i dont think ill be playing lo l for a whole – but enjoy watching your vids huzzy ty for the entertainment and showing the real side to leauge !!!!

  9. Maybe consider saying something positive in chat yourself? It might have boosted bot lane and it certainly would have made Ekko feel better as opposed to trying to stay positive in this game's environment.

  10. Games like this are admittedly why I don't have the mental to do ranked and I can at least admit it. I'd be way too tilted at the fact that "my game" is at a significant disadvantage because of someone else's conscious decision to go into ranked. Still a good video though. It was pretty close!

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