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CAN I HOLD MY OWN AUTOFILLED AS ADC? CAITLYN! – Climb to Master S10 | League of Legends


Hey guys! We return enjoying Caitlyn ADC on the Main Account! The Top laner didn’t need to ADC so I accepted the function swap… so we’re off function on the principle account, can I maintain my very own? Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Caitlyn ADC Gameplay.

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CAN I HOLD MY OWN AUTOFILLED AS ADC? CAITLYN! – Climb to Master S10 | League of Legends

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  1. It would be cool if you would do more videos like this without the stream distractions. It might be hard though because its less efffective for content.

  2. i want that skin so bad. i was broke when it came out. i couldn't get the pass XC

  3. I watch the food sponsor on Twitch, you really were entertaining and did a good job!

  4. Great news on the twitch sponsor man. Good to see hard work pay off, keep it up :). I'd love to watch your streams but I'm always at work when you're online. Love the content though, easily my favourite league tuber to watch.

  5. I play ad, main cait ☺️ just a suggestion maybe. Nearly to the 33:00 Mark on the base, I think going for an executioner might be better? Since I see that u don't deal much dmg to kled and hec.
    Or maybe even go for an early stopwatch since they are always gonna go for you! You survive, your team is gonna clean up, you win 😉

  6. Game Good, Huzzy. I am curious why you selected PD over GA as the 4th item? I would be so scared of Hec and Kled all in that I would like the revive.

  7. i think death's dance is still in the game cause they dont consider absolutely game breaking and are going to rework the whole item system next season anyway, so why bother

  8. Why not give duo with bizzle a try? Id really enjoy seeing you two play a couple games adc/supp together.

  9. Genuinely happy with how well you have been doing at twitch and with your mental recovery after the problems you had. You are the best man!

  10. 34:12 The reason why you couldn't flash was because you were hit by the Syndra stun into Hecarim fear. In the death recap, you were both in combat and CCed for 2.46 seconds.

  11. Good to hear the stream sponsorship went well! Hope you got more subscribers from that!

  12. Long time viewer here! Been watching since season 5, couldn't find any of your videos on my home page for about a year. Started showing back up today and wow! You have improved tremendously at laning and macro. Hurts to see the views aren't as good but, extremely happy to see you getting recognized on Twitch!

  13. You can tell Huzzy is autofilled when he tries to rotate at level 3 despite being an ADC

    jk of course. But I swear some of my teammates believe harassing the enemy under tower is more valuable than helping me get scuttle… even when they set up their wave to bounce back to them…

  14. Damn, great to hear your Twitch channel is doing that well. I hope it just keeps going.

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