Bethesda Says Wolfenstein 3 Is In The Pipe, BJ’s Not Done Yet


Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus was quite the big shakeup in the world of Wolfenstein, with everything that happened in its story. However, even though the next Wolfenstein game we get features BJ’s twin daughters, the man himself isn’t done yet, and Bethesda has said that Wolfenstein 3 is in the pipe right now.

The Wolfenstein games that started releasing back in 2014 put a new spin on the series, changing from Nazi occultism to dieselpunk as BJ lives in the 1960s, battling Nazis that have used advanced technology to take over the world with only one hint of occultism in the form of the New Order DLC that included Nazi zombies.

Since then both The New Order and The New Colossus got critical acclaim for their stories, gameplay, and great writing, along with amazing set pieces that up the ante every time. While the Second American Revolution in The New Colossus kicking off would have been a good stopping point for any other protagonist, every Wolfenstein fan knows that BJ Blazkowicz won’t stop until every Nazi is dead and their stranglehold on the planet is broken.

Ultimately, the story featuring BJ’s daughters, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, is a side-story, likely focusing on the two girls carrying on their parents’ traditions of killing Nazis in any way that they can as they help to free the world of the Third Reich’s evil. But ultimately, their game is still a side game, and BJ is the star of whenever Wolfenstein 3 comes out.

However, the main question with Wolfenstein 3 is where the series will go from here. With Europe in chaos and America in open revolt, there’s no telling where BJ will go next, unless he’s heading to Berlin itself to put the kibosh on the Nazis once and for all.

While we don’t know when a third Wolfenstein game will be coming out, the upcoming Wolfenstein side-game, Youngblood, will be coming out sometime in 2019.

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