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  1. I'm a plat support and in my experience tank supports are quite inconsistent in soloQ. I think the reason is, that tank supports, like all champions MUST be balanced in pro-play, where there is near-perfect coordination.

    When you see a good play and you go in, but your team does not follow, you often die. You played well, but you may lose the game because of this good decision. The same does not apply as often to ranged or utility support – they frequently get away with wasting a flash, losing 50% health or something when a good play isn't followed by their team.

    As a tank support you have to be creative and take big risks. Playing as a passive utility support it is the opposite. The added risk and effort isn't rewarded in soloQ at all… quite the contrary: people often don't even let you execute cannon minions.

    Furthermore, playing from behind seems much more punishing to a tank, who loses much of his ability to engage and protect. While a e.g. a max level Morgana Q is always equally safe & useful at stopping a chase, even if she's several levels and lots of gold behind!

  2. This is why I love league, its funny how mentality can change how you play. Zed lost early, gets a Quad, now he's better.

  3. I'm level four honour, and I think I'm getting close to level 5. I don't understand how people can get to below level 2, how they can be bad, or stupid enough to get banned, perma or otherwise.

  4. @huzzy you actually can not mess up the alistar combo any more. They changed it so that all you need to do is press the pulverize at any point in the headbutt and it will land.

  5. That Twitch subscribe notice is a little too loud… at least compared to the rest of the audio. Please turn it down a little.

  6. Huzzy I'm one trick teemo and if teemo is banned I pick gnar or kennen because they are similar to teemo and I do pretty good with them . Sometimes even if teemo is not banned I pick them .

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