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Baldur’s Gate 3 Arcane Tower guide


The Arcane Tower is a worthwhile place to go to throughout your time within the Underdark in Baldur’s Gate 3. In this Baldur’s Gate 3 Arcane Tower Guide, we’ll be displaying you find out how to make your approach to the mysterious Ruined Tower by the mysterious Underdark.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Arcane Tower

The Mysterious Arcane Tower can also be part of the ‘Tell Omeluum About the Parasite’ side-quest. If you’re looking for the Tower within the Underdark, then the next info ought to take you proper to the doorstep of the Ruined Tower.

Finding the Ruined Tower

A cleric who goes by the identify of Lenore lives on this Tower, and the Tower is close by Myconid Colony. The Tower appears to alter areas typically, however presently, it may be discovered by the South-West.

Head to the Underdark Beach close to the draugrs. Go South alongside the seashore, and also you’ll discover an deserted shack. Take the slim path to the Torchstalk mushrooms (Be cautious, they explode). Down the trail, you’ll have to leap throughout a niche.

Keep going West from right here to seek out the stone steps taking you to the entrance of the Tower.

Here, you’ll be pitted towards a bit of opposition. As you get nearer, you’ll discover {that a} blue beam appears to be following your character. This is an Arcane Turret that may rip the closest particular person to it a brand new one.

Use the turn-based mode by urgent area to cope with it. Hit it with a couple of ranged pictures and conceal behind the rock to keep away from taking any injury.

Entering the Arcane Tower

You can get into the Tower by two strategies. Jump by the window to the left of the big doorway, or simply choose the doorway. You’ll see all kinds of treasure goodies, nevertheless it’s greatest to not bounce in simply but.

The treasure is within the vary of two Arcane Turrets. Use the close by pillars as cowl and repeat the identical technique we used for the earlier turret to take them each out.

Fixing the Elevator

Once you’ve destroyed each of the turrets, you’ll discover an elevator in the midst of the room with a vivid blue gentle. Fixing the elevator goes to unravel loads of our issues.

Go to the proper of the entrance door after happening the steps. Jump by the wall to the mushroom high.

Continue from the purple mushroom to the blue one after which bounce to the crimson mushroom. Jump to the brown mushroom and stroll throughout to the blue mushroom. Jump down from the blue mushroom and be cautious of taking injury. You can use Feather Fall or Misty Step to keep away from the injury right here.

Keep strolling alongside the Tower and also you’ll discover a tree with blue Sussur Blooms. Being throughout the neighborhood of those Blooms will forestall anybody from casting any spells. You solely want one to restore the elevator.

Note: The Sussur Bloom shrivels exterior of the Underdark.

Powering the Ruined Tower

After you could have a Sussur Bloom, go to the Ruined Tower and head to the again of the room with the Power Generator connected to the underside of the elevator.

Interact with the Power Generator and put the Sussor Bloom into the slot. Click mix to merge the Bloom with the generator.

Once you energy the generator, a cutscene ought to set off displaying you that the Tower is totally powered up now. You will now have the ability to use the elevator buttons at your comfort.

The Arcane Tower is now absolutely practical, and powered up. Explore away!

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