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Balan Wonderworld – Announcement Trailer


A new action game from Square Enix and the creator of Sonic and NiGHTS, Balan Wonderworld features a huge platforming world featuring over 80 different costumes you can wear for unique abilities and powers.

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  1. Does anyone else look at those boss battles and immediately think…. Nier:Automata, is that you??

  2. The theme motif is litteraly the first seven notes of Fossil falls (Super Mario Odyssey)

  3. I love the art direction it looks like a fusion of Nights & Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg

  4. This looks like absolute shit. How did they really think this looked enticing to play for anybody over the age of 5 years old? This easily should have been canelled the moment someone pitched it as an idea. Should have gone along the lines of Guy 1: "hey, how about a cartoon style game where the main character is a spiky headed boy that unlocks the hearts of various cartoon worlds once hes defeated the main boss of the world?" Guy 2 "Sorry, we already finished the kingdom hearts series a couple years ago"

  5. All that war about console specs and most games barely look better than last gen , this is why i never cared about specs , only games

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