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Today we’re watching the most effective Aurelion Sol on the planet and we choose up some actually attention-grabbing issues! Firstly working glacial appears to be insanely robust & that Aurelion Sol is a roaming god! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Aurelion Sol Mid Gameplay.

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  1. One way to make this champ work again with this new w well not so new anymore is to give his passive more stars at level 11 / 16 just like in urf with some compromises obviously

  2. The GLP-build is indeed a thing in the Asol community. The downsite of it is that you lose scaling and healht from roa. But you have more dmg in the early.

  3. Playing since the rework has been a bit weird: he has able to reposition more easily in fights thanks to the movespeed on his Q and W but that does result in awkward fights where you find yourself waiting for your W to come back up.
    I will be trying that GLP build for sure tho.

  4. I really wonder how you found this game, If I search for this player qI only see electrocute and phasebrush. Nevertheless, great video!!

  5. If I was more mechanically adept, I'd be really up for trying him.. But after a big gap in playing league (start of season 6) I struggle to play anything to complicated right now lol

  6. I'm far from an Asol main, but I've got a fair number of games on him. I love his design and always have a blast playing him. That being said, I really dislike the Asol change. There's so much less skill expression with the new W. It changed his design from a control mage that ran phase rush or conqueror and had strong zoning tools to now being an electrocute burst mage in lane. They did give Asol move speed when you call the stars back in which feels nice, but Riot took off the passive move speed when moving in a straight line from his E. That really hurts his early roaming without the active. It's sad because that active has an 80 second or so cooldown, which means you're quite punished for failing roams.

    Overall I don't hate the rework, and it has a number of good things going for it, I just wish it was reverted

  7. It's pretty interesting that Aurelion Sol's so mechanically unique while having a relatively standard midlane playstyle of push-and-roam. It still kind of is the midlane meta, but it used to be way more like that not too long ago (Taliyah, Ryze, all the assassins). Nowadays, it's mostly the AD assassins that are able to roam that early.

  8. Loving seeing some Asol. I quite like his design & playstyle. Bit too niche to actually main him but I like playing him casually in normals sometimes.

  9. I used to play asol a lot. But I stopped playing him after the rework. I dislike it a lot. In my opinion, the olde asol was so much better.

  10. The GLP first makes Aurelion really squishy, so if they have movement abilities you die. Against TF though seems good

  11. 20:13 its a better glp. aoe slow, but those caught in center of it are rooted instead. the aoe active of it is the same as glp in terms of how it fires, meaning it fires in a cone like shape just like glp

  12. huzz idk if it was mentioned but aurelion sol gets movement speed when he casts his abilities that's why he uses them when getting back to lane or roam.

  13. 15:25 long sword and ruby. looks to me like phage, so that means he is doing that tf blade cleaver tri force jax build but on ornn? atleast thats my guess

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